How to Accept Bitcoin Payments on Your WordPress Site


Even taken into account that Bitcoin is unstable, it’s one of the fastest-growing assets in the world these days. A big number of merchants and currency investors are worried that Bitcoin has no future. Yet, it’s quietly and consistently creating new blocks in a nearly non-stop mode. Thus, say, every ten or fifteen minutes blockchain takes a step forward meaning to increases its value and strength.
Thus, with all the chatter around Bitcoin, you are like other successful eCommerce merchants interested in its future. That’s why more and more merchants are looking for ways to set up this popular payment method. And if you’re not doing business under a rock, you’re likely to integrate it.

Even it’s the perfect bubble possible, most successful investors want to buy in. In fact, no one can tell you where it’s going to go tomorrow or in two years. Besides, people still actually use Bitcoin the same way they did it a year ago and this hasn’t stopped its price from skyrocketing. That’s the most remarkable part of it. And even if you’re new to Bitcoin, go on and give it a try right away. After all, there’s nothing to lose. But what of it?

Why Should You Accept Bitcoin Payments on Your WordPress Site?

Sure thing there are some benefits you should learn. And anonymous purchasing makes Bitcoin one of the most attractive alternative form of payment for a lot of people. To decide, whether to add this option to your site or not, jump into your customers’ shoes. Indeed, there are different payment types accepted online, yet, this alternative form of payment should be offered in addition to these.

Be sure customers love to have multiple payment options available. The truth is that not all payment gateways are available everywhere. It’s no exception that your potential customer may not have any of these available in his/her region. Or he/she just doesn’t want to use his/her credit card. That’s where Bitcoin payments come into play.

So, what are the benefits of accepting Bitcoin payments?
Like it or not, but there’re numerous benefits that positively impact your business. Yet, there are four things to understand here.

  • First and foremost, the Bitcoin paying method makes your business more inviting to certain customers or for certain types of transactions. Especially for those who can help promote your business within the crypto community. As a result, it can help you expand into new markets. This means more freedom for everyone. So, what about widening your customer base?
  • Next, fraud protection. Bitcoin is chargeback-proof meaning that once the payment has been transferred, it cannot be charged back without the merchant’s consent. This eliminates the risk of fraudulent payments.
  • Fee control. There’re no (low) fees for processing Bitcoin payments.
  • Bitcoin payments are convenient. Once the money is transferred, you gain immediate access to your new funds. No limitations on the amount you can send, no middleman to hold up payments.
  • How to Accept Bitcoin Payments on Your WordPress Site?

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    Once your WordPress site is up and running, you’re one step closer to add this alternative form of payment methods. Let’s shed some light on this subject. And it goes like this:

    • Set Up Your Bitcoin Wallet
    • Choose a Bitcoin Payment System
    • Install a Cryptocurrency Plugin

    1. Set Up Your Bitcoin Wallet
    First, set it up on your site. To put it mildly, a Bitcoin wallet is an equivalent of a regular bank account. It’s safe to say that, it acts as the broker between you and a customer. Generally, it helps you securely receive, send, and store your Bitcoins once earned.

    Thus, you can generate a bunch of accepting cryptocurrency addresses. The thing is, though, that you can have several wallets and all of them can be stored on different platforms, such as your desktop, hardware on your web. In your interest, get to know what are the wallet options for each of these platforms.

    2. Choose a Bitcoin Payment System
    So, once a Bitcoin transaction takes place, your Bitcoins appear in your wallets. Besides, if necessary, you can convert it into regular currency. Conversion, however, is another great benefit of the digital wallet. Thus, you get your real money. Just choose a payment system (Bitpay, CoinBase, CoinGate) that can make your pain go away.

    The payment system allows for accepting fees securely through your site. After all, you can either store your cryptocurrency (safely) or spend it without conversion.

    3. Use Cryptocurrency Plugins
    You can simply use WordPress plugins as one of easiest ways to integrate this alternative payment method into your site. Thus, you can create a cryptocurrency calculator or display a table of currency prices on your site. What’s more, you can add real-time rate charts or determine transaction totals. The sky is the limit.

    ChainBit Theme

    Let’s clear it up, there are enough WordPress plugins available that provide cryptocurrency payment integration to your site. Get to know their benefits first. That’s great.

    One thing to add here is that once you’ve got a WordPress theme from a reliable provider, be sure it can already include one of these plugins. So, don’t shy away from high-quality products.

    Final Notes

    The thing is that we do not play a game of forecasting Bitcoin value hype. That’s silly. It’s impossible to predict. And what’s more, it wasn’t our aim. Whatever your views are, it can benefit you, and in some cases, others. In fact, it costs you nothing. Keep yourself informed.
    Another interesting fact to consider, the more paying options you accept, the fewer buyer objections your business will face. The point of all of it is that you need to understand the needs of your potential customers. Anyway, life is nourished by experience. So, if you’d like more people to take action, get your finger wet and make the preferred payment default. Go on and give it a try.

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