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So far, 2007 has been a really good year for me and my blog. Why? Early this month, my blog – JaypeeOnline was featured on Manila Bulletin’s Blog-O-Rama section. Next, JaypeeOnline was nominated for the Technology category in the recent Philippine Blog Awards and unexpectedly made it as one of the finalists. And now this, JaypeOnline has just joined one of the largest global blog networks – B5Media.

I’ve been dreaming about this day and I didn’t expect it to be so soon. It’s really a great honor and opportunity for me to be a part of this great blogging network.

Sorry, I was only daydreaming..hehe Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! :D

Note: This post was meant purely for entertainment purposes only. B5Media is not in any way associated with this blog and neither aware of this post. I hope the guys at B5Media don’t get mad or sue me. And hopefully this post doesn’t ruin my aspiration and chance to be a part of their team. Hehe :D

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  1. @Sonnie – Hehe..gotcha! :D

    @benj – Bigtime sa panaginip! LOL :D

    @Jim – If you've written CONGRATS, I'd gladly accept it even if it was only in my dreams..HAHAHA! Thanks for the compliment and for dropping by! :D

    @karla – It's good you read the whole thing. :)

  2. HAHAHA! I was duped! buti na lang binasa ko nang buo. my fingers were hot to type CONGRATS! then the smile turned into laugh! good one! :) at least orig na April fool's day joke, no?!

  3. @pinoyblogosphere – Thanks for the kind words. It’s more of a goal than a daydream actually and hopefully I can reach that goal someday. :D

    @retz – Hehe..ikaw may pakana tapos ikaw pa ang nabiktima? LOL

    Sana nga balang araw. Thanks pare! :)

  4. cencya kanina, 1st day kanina eh. hahaha

    langya, lumaglag ang panga ko nung mabasa ko sa rss ang title mo. come to think of it, wah ako pa nabiktima ng tip! kainis!!!

    anyway we wont be surprised to see b5's logo on this site.

  5. pinoyblogosphere.netsays:

    i wasn't surprised about you joining b5. napaisip nga ako at sabi ko na you deserve it naman eh. tapos bigla daydream pala. nyah! mas nasurprise ako na daydream lang pala. LoL. naloko mo kami don ah. congratz anyways dude ;)

  6. @Shari – I’d also jump for joy if it was really true. Hehe :D

    @K – It’s all good. True, you couldn’t have said it any better. Thank you! :)

    @trench – Sorry man, just having some fun! :D

  7. Sorry I missed that part. And although you didn't win, at least your blog was selected as a finalist in one of the categories, techinically you have won – it is how we strive to improve anyways. Congrats again.

  8. @Aja – Hehe..you almost fell for it. It’s still April Fools here in the US that's why. :)

    @K – Yeah, it really has been a good year so far. That wasn’t a joke. I didn’t do it on purpose, my blog was really down! Hehe :P

    You can see who the winners are in one of my earlier posts.

  9. This reminds me of my "New York trip". However, as you mentioned, this year is seemed to be a good year for your achievements. I thought the best April Fools that you've ever done was when I checked your blog a few weeks ago (I think), I found it "unavailable" to access to the server.

    Sino nanalo sa PBA?

  10. I'd be saying "Whoa!" in another couple of seconds if it wasn't for the "Happy April Fool's Day" appearing on the next sentence. I've just read this entry today and I actually thought April Fools is already over. :P

  11. well, it's nice to dream… and get 'fooled' sometimes! whew! Great achievement, jayp! More next year! hehehehe!

  12. @fruityoaty – Sorry bout that. Just having some fun. Hehe :D

    @Fleur – Thanks for the kind words and for dropping by! :)

    @ron – Hehe..congrats for nothing! :D

  13. Well, that's the second time I forgot about April 1 but it would have been great if you did get an award :)

    Congratulations na lang po :D

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