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JaypeeOnline Manila Bulletin Blog-O-Rama

Today is a great day for me and my blog. We got featured in the Blog-O-Rama section of the Manila Bulletin, March 5th issue.

Last Wednesday, February 28th, as I was checking my Yahoo inbox, I was surprised to see an email from Annalyn, much to say an email with the subject “Request for Interview”. The moment I read the subject line, I knew what it was about. Honestly, I was overjoyed! I’ve been dreaming of this day. Even though I felt like my blog was not yet worthy, I’ve been hoping that my blog would be featured in Blog-O-Rama but I wasn’t expecting it to be this soon.

I haven’t seen the print version yet because as you know I’m here in California. I’ve asked my parents back in the Philippines to get copies of today’s paper. I’m not sure and correct me if I’m wrong but I think the print version is more complete than the online version.

I’d like to thank Annalyn Jusay of Manila Bulletin (inspite of the short notice. hehe) for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed and have JaypeeOnline featured in both the print and online version of the Manila Bulletin.

Here’s the link for the offline version of the article – Jaypee’s Online, Since 2000.

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  1. @kathy – I really appreciate the kind words. Things like these and compliments from you guys make the efforts worthwhile. I blog mainly not for myself but for my readers. Thank you very much! :D

  2. Congrats Jaypee! You and your blog have indeed gone a long way and you deserve this recognition. Wishing you more success and more popularity in the Filipino blogosphere! :)

  3. @jun – Ei, thanks! You know what, as I visited your blog the other day I remembered about that 30-day experiment and I said to myself, Uh-oh I forgot to do it and I hope Jun doesn't ask me about it. And here you are asking me. Hehe

    I'll try to implement this experiment as soon as I can and I'll let you know, okay? Thanks for reminding me and for dropping by! :D

  4. @Edder – You're welcome! It's the least I can do for the services that you've provided to me for the last couple of years. :)

    @K – Thanks! Hehe..sure, basta punta ka dito sa California. :D

  5. @valerie – Thank you very much! :D

    Kahit na brandless basta gumagana at bagay dun sa case ng iPod mo ayos na yon! Hehe Ok naman yon theme mo ah. Thanks for dropping by and take care! :)

    @trench – Thanks man! Yup, it's way, way better than before and I owe it also to you and the other loyal readers. I should give you a prize for being the top commentor. Hehe :D

    @fruityoaty – Thanks for the compliments and for adding me to your blogroll. Pinoy blogger love! :)

    @benj – Hahaha..nice try! I only use Flock when I'm using my laptop. After Firefox, it's the browser that I strongly recommend. :)

    @Dre – Thanks! :D

    @Cat – Ei, thanks cathy! :D

  6. I want you to a sign on a check with my name on it. lolololol.

    Anyway, I noticed you're using Flock. I'm trying it out now. It looks very promising. I like the look.

  7. Congrats. Seems this blog has been busy lately. Much better than when I originally stumbled upon it. Im still the comment record holder around here too. haha

  8. hello kuya..

    wow conrgats its so nice naman na feature ka sa Manila Bulletin online that's so cool.. congrats talaga galing…

    hehe about yung sa earphones ko naku brandless yun sa ebay ko lang yun binili kasi pink kaya ko nagustuhan but ang sound quality awwwkkk pwde na pagtyagaan.. hindi ko nirerecommend yun :(

    anyhow.. nagagandahan ako sa blog mo i love the simplicty iniisip ko next theme ko ganito simple and clean.. IDOLLL!!! take care and have a good one..

  9. @pinoyblogosphere – Thanks guys! I'm glad to be a part of PBS. :D

    @karla – Just following in your footsteps. Thanks! :D

    @baddie – Thanks for the compliment! This blog wouldn't have been this successful without you guys, my loyal readers. :)

    @benj – Sure! Where do you want me to sign? Hehe :D

    @deuts – Maraming salamat! :)

    @Beng – Danke schön! Btw, sorry I haven't replied to your email yet. Been quite busy the past few days. :D

    @Sarah – Salamat! I was just fortunate to be given this opportunity. There are lots of blogs out there that are worthy to be featured as well. Nauna nga lang ako sa kanila. Hehe :D

    @dimaks – Arigato gozaimasu! :)

  10. @Euri – Thank you! Me popular? Hmm..not yet. Just kidding..Hehe :D

    @rhoen – Thanks kuya! :D

    @Kuya Jun – Thank you for the kind words and for dropping by! Never expected you to be here. Hehe :D

    @Major Tom – Really? What time did you check? It wasn't available til mid morning Manila time. Anyways, thanks a lot! :)

  11. Congratulations to you jaypee on this wonderful thing. I had checked today's online MB but it ain't there yet. But we'll watch out for that and i am sure it would be a very ineteresting read.

  12. Congratz! You made a step of being popular…but the few tiptoes matter most and has made you of what you are now. Now you might ease out and do some strides :)

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