I’m Leaving (Media) Temple


UPDATE: There was a slight delay with the acquisition of the new hosting account so I wasn’t able to do the migration yesterday, so I’m doing it right now. Btw, I’ve temporarily disabled comments on all posts and will enable it as soon as the DNS settings have been fully propagated. So if you wish to leave a comment, please wait until I’ve enabled it again. Thanks for your kind consideration!

I’m leaving the temple, Media Temple that is. Tomorrow, April 29th, I’ll be moving JaypeeOnline to its new hosting provider and I just want to give you guys a heads up that the site may be inaccessible for 24-48 hours (time to propagate the DNS settings) depending on your location. I will let you know who my new hosting provider is and more details as soon as I make the move.

Anyways, you might be curious as to why I’m making the move and leaving Media Temple. First of all, I’d like to say that my experience with Media Temple was far better than what I had with DreamHost. Media Temple’s services and customer support were way better. They had free phone support and a toll-free number that I can call here in the US, unlike DreamHost where you had to pay extra to get phone support. Their customer representatives or customer support were very friendly and helpful. I’m experiencing some issues not receiving trackbacks/pingbacks for my blog posts and I suspect that it’s got something to do with some settings on Media Temple’s servers.

So why exactly am I leaving them? It’s not because of the technical difficulty I had recently experienced. Inspite of the good service and customer support, i encounter frequent uptime problems in this blog. Not that it’s a really bad problem or something like what I experienced with DreamHost. But I noticed that in the past couple of months, the instances of my blog being down due to server issues, getting a 505 Internal Server Error or sluggish page load times even for my WordPress Dashboard were becoming more frequent. I didn’t have any of these problems in the first few months I was with them.

It came to a point where I’ve decided that I need to find and try a different and more reliable hosting provider. I also didn’t want to wait until the situation got worse before I make the move.

That’s it folks. Just wanted to share that with you. Thank you for your time and I apologize for any inconvenience that will be caused by the downtime. Please give it a few hours for the DNS settings to properly propagate and everything will be back to normal.

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  1. JP Habaradassays:

    @elmot – Hehe..you’re not the first one to get fooled by the title. Anyways, MediaTemple was much better than DreamHost but not good enough coz like you mentioned, some visitors experience problems accessing this blog and there are times when page load time is slow.

    So have you noticed any difference since I moved to my new host? :)

  2. so am i….puzzled by the title, i thought you would moving out of your church bro.

    good thing, coz it is one reason that there are quite a number of times i told you that i cannot access your blog due to errors, and the loading time is so slow.

    hope this new abode you are in for jponline would work out very well this time. kudos!

  3. JP Habaradassays:

    @K – I don’t think migrating from one webhost to another would affect your Google Pagerank or Alexa rank. Your traffic would slightly be affected during the time that the DNS propagation takes place (24-48 hrs) but as soon as it completely propagates, everything should be back to normal.

    Hehe..its good that you figured out what was causing the problem. :)

  4. Yes, I was referring to Goog ranks or Alexa for that matter. I asked because I want to know if the process is the same with changing templates. I didn’t know it also affects hits. My stats fell dramatically after changing to my current Vero template. I didn’t know why.

    I was scratching my balls (LOL) figuring out what causes the problem. I got skeptical since I have a few bouts of commenters and visitors and I thought something wrong with my statfeeds. Little did I know that the footer php code on the footer template was actually missing. Phoeey!

  5. @K – Its not really that difficult. Time consuming and tedious? Yes. Blog traffic is slightly affected during the time when the DNS settings haven’t fully propagated as some of your visitors won’t be able to access the blog.

    When you say rank, are you referring to Google PR rank or Alexa rank? Google PR won’t be affected and although your blog will get fewer hits/traffic during the migration, I think the effect on Alexa rank would be minimal to none.

    Thank you my friend! :)

  6. For me it looks like a difficult process, moving from one place to another. Does “transferring” affects your traffic and ranking in the process?


  7. @diTesco – Thank you! When I was trying to come up with a title for this post, this was the first thing that came to mind. I thought it was catchy but didn’t really think people would like it. But glad to know you guys do.

    Anyways, thanks for the kind words. I’m also hoping that my new hosting provider would be better than MT, although I already have a feeling that it would be. :)

    Thanks for stopping by and sharing. Have a nice day!

  8. Attention grabbing title. This is what I am talking about in some of my older posts. Great entry, or should I say exit. Anyway, good luck with your move and I hope you find a better “Temple” for your blog.

  9. @Michael – As I mentioned in the post, MT has provided good service and customer support but the downtime has becoming frequent in the past couple of months and my WP Dashboard loads slow once in a while. I dunno, maybe its just me? Hehe

    Yes, I’ll talk about my new hosting provider in my next post.

  10. Yeah I’d like to know what provider you decided on as well. I heard nothing but good things about MediaTemple so I’ve no idea what one you’d switch over to.

  11. I was puzzled with this title. I thought it was a religious article. I was thinking, now, what has come over Jaypee this time? :)

    You got me there. lol

  12. @jhay – You had a hunch? You must be psychic..hehe Anyways, yeah the move is somewhat surprising to most but me and AJ have talked and planned about it since last month or a couple months back. So you were planning on moving to MT?

    Regarding my new host, I’ll talk about it in detail, including the migration on my next post. :)

  13. Whoah! I guess I was right after all. Really surprised that you're leaving MT for a new web host.

    I guess I won't be moving to MT too after all. :D Wonder who's your new web host. Still, good luck with the move!

  14. Catchy title eh! You're now out of the Temple and now moving to the next webhost. I hope that new host is a good one. :-)

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