My Blogging Goals for 2009


This will be the first time for me to do something like this for my blog. I’m not doing this because I’m just following what other bloggers are doing but rather, I’m doing this so I will have something to motivate me to do my best, improve on my strengths and work on the weaknesses to further improve JaypeeOnline. Since this is my first blog goals post, I don’t have anything to compare it to so I’m setting these goals based on the current statistics and set some “ideal” goals for me and my blog.

1. Reach at least 500 RSS subscribers (currently at 300+).
2. Increase the average daily blog traffic (pageviews and unique visitors).
3. Increase the monthly earnings on Adsense and other affiliate networks.
4. Increase the posting frequency to 6 or 7 weekly posts.
5. Get the blog’s Google PageRank back to 4 (currently at PR 2).
6. Get back within Alexa’s top 100,000.
7. Have guest bloggers write for JaypeeOnline.
8. Improve the community around JaypeeOnline.
9. Continue the Weekend Roundup feature.
10. Host a group writing project (You can share any good topic that you have in mind).
11. Release a free WordPress theme.
12. Have more blog contests/giveaway.
13, Attend a WordPress WordCamp or a Blog World Expo.
14. Attend the 2009 Philippine Blog Awards (more of a wish).

Even though a few of the goals are a little difficult or a bit too high for me, I believe that if I do my best and with your help, I would be able to accomplish all or most of these goals by the end of this year. If you haven’t subscribed to JaypeeOnline’s RSS feed yet, you can help me accomplish my first goal sooner by subscribing via RSS reader or receive RSS updates via email.

How about you? Have you also set up any blog goals or maybe personal goals for 2009? Care to share it with us? Maybe we can help each other accomplish our goals.

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  1. @Dexter – Yup, but its only January so I still have 11 more months to accomplish these goals. So far I’ve already accomplished one, which is to attend a WordPress WordCamp. :)

  2. @Bunsoi – You’re welcome! IMO, PageRank still helps but its not as important as it was before. It also depends on your blog goals. In your case, since you want to earn from blogging then PageRank can help you but whats more important are SERPs which can bring more traffic to your blog. :)

  3. Wow naman. Salamat.

    Anyway, is PagerAnk really that important? I heard from other bloggers kasi that PR isn’t really THAT important nowadays as compared before.

    My PR also shrinked from a 2 to 0. But I have no idea how to get it back. :-(

  4. @Bunsoi – Hehe I guess most of us bloggers who have Adsense want to have increased earnings and there’s nothing wrong with that. Hope we accomplish that this year. :D

    How can my theme be way better when it’s exactly the same theme? The only difference is the color scheme and I even like your color scheme better. Plus, you also have a bottom bar which I don’t have. You’ve done a pretty good job with the theme.

    Thanks for dropping by and have a nice day! :)

  5. I also have a couple of goals for my blog this year. Basta to summarize my ideas: ganito lang ka simple: MORE ADSENSE EARNINGS! haha..

    Nga pala, I noticed we have the same blog theme, but definitely YOURS is waaaaayyyyyyy too better than mine. :-)

  6. @trench – I guess you’re right but I’ll do my best to be able to accomplish all of it and of course, I’ll need all the help and support that I can get from you guys. :D

  7. @K – In my case, I’m starting to get more “smart” comments but what I hope I’d get more are comments that encourage or invite discussion. I’d also like the discussion to be not only between me and the person who left the comment but among other commentators as well. But of course, any type of comment is welcome as long as its related to the topic and not spam.

    You’ve read my mind. Actually, I always kept my unrelated posts in the Sideblog but I’ve been thinking about posting some personal stuff like my son’s recent birthday party. Thanks for the pointing this out. I really appreciate your suggestions and feedback K!

    Regarding the free themes, I just did a review of a premium theme so expect the next review to be a free WordPress theme. :D

  8. To have smart people leaving comments in my blog other than just “nice comments, agree-on comments and LOL comments”. I guess that way I will be more motivated to write more “seriously”. Then again, it’s a personal blog, so even smiley comment I’d still get to reply personally to them.

    For you, you need some ice breaker, I know this is a software, gadget, wordpress review blog but once in a hoola, people want to read something “out of the box” in jaypeeonline. A family photos maybe and what food did you just ate last Xmas or something.

    Anyways, more free themes.

  9. @jan – Well, what I basically plan is to be able to publish more posts at least 5 a week but 6-7 posts is an “optimistic” number and that includes the Weekend Roundup feature. Since many of my posts are news articles, I don’t think you guys mind having a new post everyday right?

    About guest blogging here, for starters you can send me a copy of any post you’ve written that’s related to the topics I have here. Then we can talk about it later on. :D

  10. Six or 7 posts a week for you. As for me, I’m scaling down to give more meat to my posts. My other goal is to acquire patience and stamina. I wish I can help you with the number of subscribers, except that I have already added you to my feed..Guest blogging here will be such a thrill. That will be splendid. (Kung kakayanin panlasa mo. – hehehe).

  11. @jhay – Hehe..don’t be too excited. Although it’s been a long time dream of mine, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it unless someone, like a WP theme designer guides or helps me out. :D

    All the best to you too!

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