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Dear faithful JaypeeOnline readers and visitors, please accept my apology for the several hours of downtime that we had today. If you were trying to access JaypeeOnline earlier today and got a blank page, it was because my hosting provider, MediaTemple temporarily suspended my hosting account. What happened? Well, there was a problem with the payment and MT didn’t receive it so they suspended the account for non-payment.

This morning, I noticed that the blog was down and thought that it was just something temporary so I didn’t really bother to check it out and assumed that it would just go back online after a few minutes. I wasn’t able to check it again because I had to go out and attend some program. When I got back home, I noticed that the blog was still down and I also received an offline message from Gem, informing me that my blog was down. At this time, I knew that there was something wrong so I logged in to my MT account and then I found out what the problem was. I got a message that the account was suspended due to non-payment and when I checked they billing status, I saw that they didn’t receive the payment. As soon as the payment was sent and MediaTemple received, the account was immediately re-activated.

Again, I apologize for the downtime and for any inconvenience this incident has caused you. I’ll do my best to make sure that this doesn’t happen again. Thank you for your patience and for your time. Have a nice day everyone!

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  • billf, February 13, 2010 @ 12:07 AM

    Boy…those color bars certainly bring back memories :-) Used to see them all the time in a previous job. Ahhh, the good ‘ole days.

  • JP Habaradas, April 20, 2009 @ 2:30 PM

    @joie – The downtime was only in my account. Hehe :D

  • joie, April 20, 2009 @ 2:29 PM

    i was wondering about it.. ANd i thought there was a downtime with your host. I'm glad your blog is back online..

  • JP Habaradas, April 20, 2009 @ 5:20 AM

    @jhay – Hehe..why scare? Are you planning on moving to MT anytime soon? Although my blog’s traffic has increased significantly the past couple of months, MT’s Grid-Service can stil handle it.

    Thanks! Yeah, I wish I checked it earlier so the downtime wouldn’t have been to long. It was practically inaccessible the whole day. :P

  • jhay, April 20, 2009 @ 5:19 AM

    This gave me a scare, thought MT was not able to handle your site or something. ;)

    It's good to see things are back to normal now.

  • JP Habaradas, April 20, 2009 @ 12:05 AM

    @trench – MT has provided much better service than my previous hosting provider, DreamHost. It was more of a nightmare than a dream. :P

    I’m on the regular Grid-Service $20/month but I share it with a friend so I only pay $10/month and we split the disk space and bandwidth.

    Btw, who’s your current hosting provider?

  • trench, April 20, 2009 @ 12:02 AM

    seems MT is a good service overall though. What type of monthly are you paying? Heard it was one of the more expensive but reliable services on the web.

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