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I love WordPress! I’m not only an avid fan and user but I also consider myself as an advocate of WordPress as evidenced by this blog where many of my posts are about WordPress news and updates, WordPress themes and plugins. I’ve been using WordPress for about five years now. I don’t exactly remember how I found out about it or who introduced me to it, but I’m just glad that I discovered WordPress. Anyways, I got an early Christmas present two weeks ago in the form of some WordPress schwag*.

About three weeks ago, while reading and commenting on Mark Jaquith’s post about WordPress 2.7’s comment moderation keyboard shortcuts, I came across Jonathan’s blog and happened to read his post about WordPress stickers where I found out that Maya Desai of Automattic was giving away WordPress schwag in her WordPress.com blog. The only requirement is to leave a message explaining why you’d like to have some WordPress schwag. I didn’t wait any further, I immediately wrote my message and submitted it. The next day, I got an email from Maya asking me for my mailing address. I sent her my mailing details and a couple days later, here’s what I got:

WordPress Schwag

Wanna know what was inside the package? I got the following stuff:

WordPress Schwag

  • WordPress pencils
  • WordPress stickers
  • WordPress pins
  • WordPress temporary tattoo

WordPress Schwag Pencil

WordPress Schwag Stickers

WordPress Schwag Stickers

WordPress Schwag Stickers

WordPress Schwag Stickers

WordPress Schwag Pins

These items are not available anywhere even in the WordPress Shop.

So what do I plan to do with it? I’ll use some of the stickers and pins myself but most of it I’ll be giving away to friends. I also plan to give some away to the top commentators of this blog for the next few months.

If you’re interested in getting these WordPress schwag yourself, you can ask Maya by visiting her blog and leave a comment on her WordPress schwag post.

*schwag is the slang term for promotional items or products that are used for marketing. schwag items usually have the company’s name, logo or slogan, and are given away at trade shows, conferences. other names include swag or loot.

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  1. Hey Jaypee! I received the WordPress schwag from Maya. I was about to write a post about it, but I’m still very busy as of the moment. :-)

  2. @Muneeb – Yes, Maya has gotten a lot of requests for schwags that she closed the comments. I’m sure she’s gonna open it up again once she’s done replying to previous comments/requests. :D

  3. This was really a great promotional Schwag but i missed it :(

    i would love to have some stickers for my lappy !!

    commenting on her blog for the time being is not available may be because of the overload of the people trying to get free schwag lolx

    here is what i can see there when trying to comment

    Comments are not allowed at this time.

  4. Hey Jaypee, I got an email with Maya’s e-mail address, so I e-mailed her my postal address. I made a mistake by not including the country in the address. :lol: So I e-mailed her again, this time with the complete address. So far, I’m waiting for confirmation.

  5. @loy – Hehe..don’t be! Anyways, you can try to leave a comment on Maya’s blog and wait if she’ll send it to the Philippines. I’ve seen several Pinoy bloggers leave a comment on her post. Who knows she might send it to you guys. Or you can wait for me to give away some of the schwag I got to the top commentators for this month. :D

  6. Hi dude Nice to hear that you won some Goodies :) I have also requested in the Maya Blog and Hope that I may got lucky.

    Congrats to you and wishes :)

  7. @K – Haha..me too! But since I only got one, I don’t wanna put it to waste. I wanna use it when I would able to show it off to a lot of people. Don’t worry, I’ll post photos of it once I use it. :D

  8. @ia – Really? I plurked about it, didn’t you see it? Anyways, I’m not the only one who got schwag from Maya, Jonathan the blog I read/saw it from also got it. Don’t know about the rest.

    Thank you! Did you request for some schwag too? :)

  9. I read this via QuickOnlineTips. It looks like you were the only one who won the schwag, if I’m not mistaken. Congrats! I want the pins and pencils! :D :D :D

  10. @PChere – Really? Does that mean that not everyone who leaves a comment on Maya’s blog gets the schwag?

    Anyways, thanks for the mention and link love on your blog post and for dropping by! :D

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