WordPress for Android 5.6 Now Available

If you’re using WordPress on a mobile device, specifically on the Android platform then you might be interested in the recent release of WordPress for Android version 5.6.

Below are some of the changes and new features included in version 5.6:

  • Related Posts in the Reader – users can now discover relevant work from the WordPress community which will appear below likes on a post.
  • Custom Notification Sound – users can now customize the notification sound of the WordPress app.
  • Invite New Users – users can now invite other users via the People management screen as well as designate their roles or capabilities.

wordpress for android 5.6

wordpress for android 5.6

wordpress for android 5.6

Other changes and fixes that have been added to this release:

  • Posts that are in the process of uploading will be disabled while a progress indicator will be displayed.
  • A new Publish button has been added in drafts.
  • The “View Site” and “View Admin” options when selected will open the device browser.
  • Comments that are replied to by the author/user will automatically be approved.

If you want to keep track of the development process/progress of the next or upcoming release, you can go and visit the 5.7 milestones on GitHub.

For those who are interested in trying out the latest features before they get released to the public, you can apply to be a beta tester for WordPress. Testers get access to the beta versions and receive updates directly from the Google Play Store. This is a good way to help in the development of the app, you can provide valuable feedback and possibly find new bugs.

Check out this link if you want to become a tester.

WordPress for Android version 5.6 is now available in the Google Play Store.

Anyone else using the WordPress for Android app? Have you upgraded to the latest version? How do you like the new features and changes? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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