WP Theme Review: Navigate

One of my regular readers, requested for a WordPress theme that has a bottom bar, specifically a theme that doesn’t use either black or red in it’s color scheme. So I went out and searched for one.

Navigate is a simple modern-looking, 2-column theme created for WordPress by Brian Gardner.

WP Theme - Navigate

Basic Features:

  • Customizable header image (blank logo provided)
  • 2 columns (embedded sidebar content)
  • 3 columned Bottom bar

My Take:

I give the Navigate a 3.5 out of 5. I think it has a lot of potential because it can be customized easily. If you know how to tweak WordPress themes, you won’t find it hard to install and implement different WordPress plugins for this theme. And if you have ad service programs like Adsense, it’s easy to make it blend in with the Navigate theme.

One thing unusual about the Navigate theme is that it doesn’t have a sidebar. Instead, it makes use of < div > tags to separate the content from the usual sidebar elements like Recent Posts, Categories, Archives, etc. This theme makes use of a 3 columned bottom bar to display other elements like the Recent Entries and Blogroll. However, if you use or would like to use widgets, this theme is not for you because it is “not yet” widget ready.

Preview or download the Navigate theme.

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  1. @ash – I think Retz's theme looks more like the Vertigo theme which was created by the same guy, Brian Gardner who made this Navigate theme.

    @jhay – Yeah, it's a nice theme and easy to customize as I mentioned earlier. I guess 3 column themes are the in-thing these days huh? Hehe :D

    @benj – Not really. Hehe..You did mention that you didn't want a theme with black or red in it, right? Do you use widgets? Anyways, you're welcome! :D

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