3 Reasons Your Site Should Be Available in Multiple Languages

Obviously, website building is the first action any businessman thinks about when trying to develop their deal. Honestly speaking, the results of this process by no aspects concede to such things as calling cards. Thus, a lot of entrepreneurs and manufacturers all over the world want their sites to be done. Some people use it to share their art and create a legion of loyal super-fans. As you may know, there are also a lot of guys who still care about blogs and online galleries. At the same time, now the biggest part of all the existing online projects relates to business. It is an open secret that these days eCommerce is the most well-liked business model. Still, we believe that whatever your site about, you need it to be multilingual. Why do you need it and what are the benefits of the websites that are in multiple languages? Let’s see!

What If You Know Nothing About Coding?

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Before all else, the amateurs may wonder how they can build a multilingual website without having coding experience? Basically, the newest resources allow you to get a spellbinding online project easily. No deep web programming skills needed! It results in a rich variety of the attractive WordPress themes that are completely ready-made. These products will guide you by the hand through website construction. Many of the mentioned items are WordPress multilingual themes. That is why having a smartly designed site is not a luxury anymore. So, why should your fresh online project be in multiple languages?

Reason #1: Can’t Read Means Won’t Buy

Being a person that is somehow related to business, you should know about the importance of a customer’s opinion. All in all, the best way to find your regular audience is to create a strong relationship with the prospects. It should be trustworthy, so people will want to take your services again and again. When it comes to trust, conversion plays a huge role. The fact is that 9/10 of your possible clients will not buy an item that has the description made in a foreign language. Furthermore, even if an online shopper can read in English, they will prefer to work with a multilingual website. In addition, statistics show that ½ of the web audience will not stay on the website if its content belongs to another language. They will not open your gallery/ catalog/ menu at all! Are you ready to lose half of your potential customers?

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To make a long story short, the audience wants the site that provides information in their native language. Why?

  • At the outset, a shopper wants to get very detailed information to know everything about the product they buy. It is good when your texts are readable and informative but people need to know every specify. Needless to say, Google translators and tools like that do not make the best way to provide some info.
  • Another aspect that does matter is the comfort. Honestly speaking, the level of comfort influences the number of orders. Without a doubt, it will be more comfortable to view the website that is in your native language.
  • Finally, the third reason you need a multilingual site is the possibility to relax. Although shopping requires attention, people treat it as an opportunity to have a rest. On the first hand, it is convenient to look through products and services without leaving your house. On the other hand, there are a lot of uses, who say that shopping makes them feel better.

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To sum everything up, today’s web users want to have as many ways to relax as possible. Therefore, even such tiny action as surfing through the webspace can be suitable. It matters even in case this process takes no longer than 10 minutes. As you may know, a bed or toilet is not the only place a client uses to enter your online projects. Modern shoppers do it during traffic jams and smoke breaks. It lets them forget about work and allows their brains to relax. Honestly speaking, that is what a user expects from visiting your website. Thus, don’t be a badass and let people get what they are going to get by making your site multilingual. Otherwise, the customers will prefer to visit a local online project rather than translating and understanding your content.

Reason #2: incoming traffic has 50% rise when the website is in multiple languages

You can’t deny that SEO is the basis of any website’s success. With the help of a thoroughly created code or SEO-ready template, your site will meet all the modern requirements. With it, such popular searchers as Google can index your business/ personal website and notice it among more popular analogs. Surely, this step brings you more and more traffic. It results in the growth of the site’s auditory. We believe that the most inspiring fact is that one can’t buy search results. Of course, it lets beginners introduce their projects. The only thing you need to do is to optimize your website.

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As you may know, there is a long list of things a website owner can do. You should make sure that the site is truly fast. Secondly, your content should be relevant and equal to the information that people see in the search results. Unquestionably, you have to use only actual keywords and add clean meta tags. What is more, each and every piece of your online project should be high-quality. What else can you do to make the searchers love your online child? Well, will you be wondered if we tell that making your site multilingual is a working way to improve SEO?

In fact, making a website multilingual brings you nearly 50% of new incoming traffic. Let’s see how this clever mechanism works.

  • On the first point, the webspace does not belong to the English language. Today the biggest part of the web audience does not speak it. The number of these users is really impressing – 70%! As it has already been written, people enjoy the services they can read about without a hitch. Therefore, such internet users will not go to your site. Thus, they will not increase the number of unique visitors and will not improve your SEO. However, this step would be useful when your website is multilingual.
  • By the way, there are 155 million users that read right to left. It will be impossible for them to work with you.
  • Moreover, there are many Google searches that are not conducted in English. Logically, the number of translation options increases your chances to be the first.
  • To end with, there are the countries that don’t use Google. In this case, the users look for the needed information with the help of default browsers. And, yes, these browsers work with the native languages. Would you like your deal to be known in France? Do you want to find clients from Japan and China? In this case, your website should be in multiple languages.

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Reason #3: look for localization, not for word-for-word translation

To finish with, we want to share with you the next short but working tip. As soon as you decided to create a multilingual site, localize it. There are some simple tools that offer you to translate the content and some of them are free. Believe us you will not want to use them after viewing the results. With it, your textual content will be unreadable, meandering, and sometimes silly. It will never be user-friendly. That is why we recommend you to localize the website. Thanks to the modification that localization brings us, your website will be the one to take its place in a target market.

Given these points, are you going to add a multi-language functionality to the design of the site you build?

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