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Yahoo Answers (Beta) is now online. What is it, you ask. Well, this new service from Yahoo works as a social network or online community where you can ask, answer or search for questions about almost anything under the sun.

They have categories for questions like Arts & Humanities, Computers & Internet, Entertainment & Music, Games & Recreation, Home & Garden, Love & Romance, News & Events, Sports, Travel and many others. Although it is limited to Yahoo users, this service is free and lets the user post any question and hopefully get that question answered by another user in the community. Once you’ve signed in, you can choose a nickname to protect your privacy, a picture or avatar and email address where you will receive alerts when someone answers your question.

Yahoo Answers according to Wikipedia:

Yahoo! Answers (formerly known as Yahoo! Q & A) is a community-driven question-and-answer (Q&A) site or a knowledge market launched by Yahoo! on June 28, 2005 that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users.

Yahoo! Answers was created to replace Ask Yahoo!, Yahoo!’s former Q&A platform which was discontinued in March 2006.

Yahoo! Answers Community Guidelines

Users are encouraged to:

  • share what you know
  • be courteous
  • be a good citizen
  • cite your sources
  • ask clearly, categorize correctly

Users are discouraged to:

  • vent, rant or use hate speech
  • chat or otherwise violate the question-and-answer format
  • be mean or obscene
  • exploit the community
  • cheat
  • violate the law
  • behave maliciously or harmfully
  • misuse Answers

This is kinda like a forum where you register and make posts on certain topics but on a larger scale, larger population. If you wanna know how it works, click here.

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