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How Do You Like The New Yahoo Mail Design & Features?

Yahoo Mail celebrated its 16th birthday two days ago. To celebrate this occasion and in line with the company’s efforts to modernize their core products, Yahoo has unveiled a redesigned Yahoo Mail interface and a

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Delicious Acquired by YouTube Founders

Found out earlier today via email that popular social bookmarking service Delicious was recently acquired by the founders YouTube – Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. This is great news not only for current Delicious users

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Yahoo! Buzz Shutting Down on April 21st

It’s official, Yahoo! will be shutting down Yahoo! Buzz, their community-based news article website (similar to Digg) on April 21st. This comes less than a month after they discontinued their social network for bloggers –

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Yahoo Officially Discontinues MyBlogLog on May 24th

Late last year, rumors surfaced regarding Yahoo shutting down its blogger community social network – MyBlogLog. I guess its no longer a rumor as I received an email today from Yahoo! officially announcing the discontinuation

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Yahoo! Top 10 Searches for 2010

What does the BP oil spill, the World Cup and Miley Cyrus have in common? They’re among the top terms or keywords in Yahoo!’s Top 10 Searches for 2010 which was released yesterday. Yahoo! has

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Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta w/ Facebook Chat Support

Good news for avid Yahoo! Messenger and Facebook users! Yahoo has recently released Yahoo Messenger 11 Beta to the public which, aside from the usual features (instant messaging, text, voice and video calls) allows users

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Wibiya Social Connect Application

Last time, I shared with you Wibiya Toolbar’s new app called Express Affiliate Links Application which automatically converts all of your blog links into affiliate links, helping you earn more money from your blog. Today,

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Join Open Hack Day 2009 – Southeast Asia!

Calling all Pinoy web developers! The first Yahoo! Open Hack Day Southeast Asia will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia this coming November 21-22, 2009. I have some good news for those of you who are

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Yahoo! Meme

Early this year, Yahoo! launched a new product/service in Portueguese called Meme which according to rumors was a clone of Twitter. But according to the people who gained first access to Yahoo! Meme, it doesn’t

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WP Plugin Review: WP Greet Box

In my previous themes, I created a custom greet box for readers and visitors that invited/encouraged them to subscribe to my RSS feed. It was very effective (I think) but the thing about it is