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Zurker – Social Network You Can Own

About two weeks ago, my friend Nick Oba invited me to check out his new startup, a social networking site called Zurker. It works like any regular social network where users can post status updates

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What is Google+ and Do You Need It? [Video]

By now many if not most of your are already using Google+ or have heard about it some way or another. In case you haven’t because you went away on a trip to a remote

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Delicious Acquired by YouTube Founders

Found out earlier today via email that popular social bookmarking service Delicious was recently acquired by the founders YouTube – Chad Hurley and Steve Chen. This is great news not only for current Delicious users

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Yahoo Officially Discontinues MyBlogLog on May 24th

Late last year, rumors surfaced regarding Yahoo shutting down its blogger community social network – MyBlogLog. I guess its no longer a rumor as I received an email today from Yahoo! officially announcing the discontinuation

Guest Blogging

Now Open to Guest Bloggers

Even though I already have two guest blog posts done by my online friends back in 2009, this blog wasn’t “officially” open to guest bloggers. I planned to do it back in 2010 as part

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Pip.io 2.0 Launch

Anyone here heard about or are familiar with Pip.io? It’s a social app that was launched early this year via private beta and went live to the public a month after. Pip.io is what tech

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“The Social Network” (The Facebook Movie)

Have you heard of the upcoming movie entitled “The Social Network“? This movie, also known as “the Facebook Movie” is a comedy-drama film about the humble beginnings of Facebook – how founder Mark Zuckerberg created

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Google Buzz

Determined not to be left behind in the social media revolution, Google officially launched today a new product called Google Buzz which confirms earlier rumors of a new social status feature being integrated into Gmail.

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Spokeo: Social Networks and RSS Feeds Reader

I know for a fact that almost all internet savvy people have an account in one or several social networks, right? I’m sure that these persons also visit several blogs other than your own, right?