LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard

As I mentioned in my Dell Inspiron 5490 All-In-One desktop unboxing post, I didn’t have the option to select or upgrade the keyboard & mouse at the time of purchase so I was stuck with the Dell KM636 wireless keyboard and a generic mouse. The keyboard was okay but the mouse on the other hand was junk (I’ll share that in another blog post).

The Dell KM636 wireless keyboard was a little bit better than the Apple keyboard that I used on my iMac. However, I didn’t like the key response because I preferred something that had more tactile feedback so I decided to find something to replace it.

I went online to look for something to replace it, one that had good tactile feedback, a nice design and was not too pricey. After a while of searching, I ended up getting the LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard from Amazon for CDN$41.99 which is roughly USD $31.

Today, I’m going to share with you the tech specs, unboxing photos, and my initial experience using it.


  • Interface: USB
  • Size: 17.7 x 5.0 x 1.2 inches
  • Net Weight: 700g
  • Material: ABS/Aluminum alloy (Brushed Metal Panel)
  • Keycaps: Double-Colored Injection Keycaps
  • Standard Keys: 104 Keys US Layout Keyboard
  • Cable: 4.9ft Copper Inner Core


  • METAL PANEL KEYBOARD – The keyboard is designed with an Aluminum alloy panel. Cool brushed metal panel not only enhances the texture of the keyboard but also extremely improves the durability of the whole keyboard. It has a water-resistant function, you don’t have to worry about spilled liquids damaging the keyboard
  • RESPONSIVE KEYS – All keys offer very precise keystrokes, ideal for work or gaming. The double-colored injection keycaps offer crystal clear uniform backlighting and the letters will never fade away
  • COOL RAINBOW BACKLIGHT – The colorful keyboard has a 7-color rainbow LED backlight, and each key is colored brightly, so you can type and play games even in a dark environment without difficulty, and the soft light won’t hurt your eyes. You can adjust the brightness and breathing speed of the backlit according to your preference. Let you immerse the game world in a cool atmosphere(Noted: The light is not RGB, the color of the light can’t be changed)
  • BEST DESIGN – The scientific stair-step keycap design makes it easy for the finger to reach all keys, maximizing the comfort of your hand to meet the needs of a long-time game or work. 25 keys Anti-ghosting technology allows you to use more combinations to win a game. 12 combinations of multimedia keys facilitate the operation of your work or game and improve efficiency
  • STRONG COMPATIBILITY & QUALITY ASSURANCE – LANGTU gaming keyboard meets the need of gamers, typists, programmers, and writers, and combines your office and gaming experience. Plug-and-Play, no driver needed. Support Windows 2000 / 10/8/7 / ME / XP / VISTA, MAC, Linus.


  • 1 × Wired Membrane Keyboard
  • 1 × User Manual
  • 1 × Small Brush


LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard

LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard
Size comparison with the Dell KM636 wireless keyboard

LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard
Size comparison with the Apple keyboard

LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard
LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard
LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard
LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard


I’ve been using the Langtu Membrane Gaming Keyboard for the past couple of months and I can say that I’m very satisfied with it. I purchased this keyboard for two main reasons – aesthetics and affordability.

AESTHETICS – I love the overall design, the brushed metal look, and how it contrasts with the black keys. It has a slim design and isn’t bulky or clunky like most office keyboards. Don’t be fooled by how it looks in the photos as they do not do justice to this keyboard.

AFFORDABILITY – It’s hard to find a good keyboard that has both functionality and quality at this price range (CDN$41.99 or USD$31.99). This could easily be one of the best budget keyboards available on Amazon right now.

BACKLIGHTING – Another reason why I picked this keyboard is the backlighting. The Dell KM636 wireless keyboard didn’t have that feature so it was a bit tricky to type when there was little or no light in the room. Speaking of backlighting, you can adjust the brightness and breathing speed of the LANGTU Membrane Gaming keyboard backlights. Take note, the lights are not RGB and the colors can’t be changed. Personally, it wasn’t a big deal for me but could be for other prospective buyers.

SETUP – Works as advertised. This is a Plug-and-Play device so I didn’t need to download any driver or software. I just plugged it into my computer and it worked right away.

RESPONSIVENESS – Although it is not a mechanical keyboard, the keys have a good combination of tactile response and moderate clicking noise. In spite of it being a membrane keyboard, the keys aren’t the usual design/type that you find on laptops or the Apple keyboard. The LANGTU Membrane Gaming keyboard has raised keys as you can see from the photos posted above and typing on it has been pretty smooth for me.

DURABILITY – I don’t have a lot of experience or knowledge regarding keyboards but based on my research, one of the advantages of a membrane keyboard is that it is far less likely to break from overuse. Unlike mechanical keyboards, there are no physical components that could get damaged plus the membrane and pressure pads also rarely wear down.

SIZE – The slim profile and overall size of the LANGTU Membran Gaming Keyboard are perfect for me. It doesn’t use up too much space on my desk and the keys are spaced well, making it easy for the fingers to reach the keys.

This keyboard is advertised to have a water-resistant design and won’t get damaged by liquid spills so that gives me some peace of mind. However, I won’t be taking any chances.

I like that it comes with a brush tool for cleaning the keyboard. Although I don’t really need it because I purchased a separate keyboard cleaning kit which I will share with you guys on another day.

So far I’ve only been talking about the positive things or things I like about this keyboard. Is there anything I don’t like about it? Yes. I actually have a few of them. One is that the function keys don’t have the 12 Multimedia Keys icons that are assigned to them. You’ll have to memorize each key assignment. Another one is that there are no shortcut keys assigned for adjusting screen brightness. Last but not least, the backlighting color not being customizable. It’s not a deal-breaker but it would’ve been nice if the user can select or customize the colors.

However, these are just minor flaws and I think most of you will agree. This keyboard still offers more bang for your buck and I highly recommend it.

There you go, folks! These are my initial impressions of the LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard. This post will be updated in case I come across any issues or problems that are worth mentioning.

I hope you like my short review and if you do, kindly share it on social media. You can also share your questions or thoughts by leaving a comment below. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

You can get the LANGTU Membrane Gaming Keyboard from Amazon Canada using the link below:

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