How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

The other day, I came across a post by Yuga about a blogging addiction test that he took. Later, I found out that Jhay also took the same test. It made me curious to find out what my score would be if I took the test. Here’s my score:

blog addiction test

The test score is a bit too high don’t you think? Hehe.. Maybe I should go over and do the test again and see if the score changes or not.

If you’re interested to know the extent of your blog addiction, you can take the test here. Btw, if you took the Addicted to Blogging test, don’t be afraid to share your scores. Okay?

Are you addicted to blogging? Anyone here who also took the blogging addiction test? What scored did you get? Do you think the test scores are accurate? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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  1. @vera – Hi there! Thanks for visiting and for the compliments! :)

    I visited your blog and you got good articles yourself.

    @iRonnie – Really? Probably a lot of people were taking the test at the same time. Yeah, just visit it again after a while and I’m sure it will be back online. Don’t forget to share your score okay? Hehe :D

  2. hi jaypee!

    as of now i cant say na adict na ako… but habng tumatagl… i keep on blogging na… for some reasons… nd one of them bcoz “its my way of expressng “hu i am nd wat i fell” boz i am far far away from my love ones… wanna know y??? try to visit my blog

    nd then ull know me kung bakit…ahihihihii :lol: :lol: and soon kaht hndi ako mag take ng ” blogging addictn test” i can say im addictd to it!

    nice article! nd ‘ope ull like my blog too…

    cheers!!! :lol:
    vera :razz:

  3. @jhay – Yeah, I thought I was the only one who got 92%. Now I feel better knowing that someone else got a score as high as that. Hehe :P

    Exactly! I hope to gain more “benefits” with all this time I spend on blogging. :D

  4. Wow! We have the same score! :lol:

    Who knew that we were that addicted to blogs? We must really translate this addiction into something more concrete like coming up with more good posts. :lol:

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