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Whenever you purchase any type of electronics like cellphones, laptops, digital cameras one of the things that you’re offered aside from accessories is a warranty. A warranty protects consumers because it obliges the seller to provide the right product or service and to replace it in case it is found to be defective or broken.

Although a warranty is made to protect the consumer, in many cases the consumer doesn’t purchase the warranty because it is too expensive. And here’s where SquareTrade steps in.

Square Trade is the largest warranty provider on eBay. It was established in 1999 and is the only one that offers protection for consumers wherever they choose to shop – BestBuy, Circuit City, Dell, Amazon, Sears, eBay, etc.

Unlike retailers who ask you to purchase the warranty during checkout, with SquareTrade consumers can make the decision on their own time. They can purchase the warranty anytime they want even after they bought the product.

Square Trade provides warranties that are 30%-50% less than what retailers offer. Below are a few comparisons.

Price Comparisons:

30GB iPod at $234.88 from Amazon
– Amazon Warranty: $51.43
– SquareTrade Warranty: $23.49 (Savings of 54%)

ASUS Notebook at $1799 from Best Buy
– Best Buy Warranty: $249.99
– SquareTrade Warranty: $179.99 (Saving of 41%)

7.1 Megapixel Digital Camera at $336.99 from Buy.com
– Buy.com Warranty: $49.99
– SquareTrade Warranty: $33.70 (Savings of 33%)

Because of it’s low priced warranties and it’s fast and easy to use service, a lot of people are buying warranties from SquareTrade. Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers.

“No hassle return. Customer Service rep was pleasant to deal with.” Leigh-Anne on 6/25/2007

“Service was great!! The whole process was simple, and the response was amazingly fast!! Thanks so much!! Everybody should take advantage of this service whenever they can!!!!” J Prioletti on 6/27/2007

The next time you purchase your next iPod, laptop, cellphone, digital camera or any other electronics or appliance and want to get a warranty, get it from Square Trade.

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