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When Steve Jobs revealed the Apple iPhone early this year, it became the most awaited gadget of the year. The iPhone was officially released here in the US last Friday, June 29th. Hundreds of people lined up in front of AT&T and Apple stores across the country several days before the scheduled date of release just to be first in line.

People lining up for the iPhone

A 4GB iPhone costs $500, while an 8GB version costs $600. Too expensive you say? Well, that doesn’t even include the contract from AT&T. If you add ’em all up, your total expense would easily be more than a thousand bucks.

Anyways, Will Greenwald of CNET.com came up with a list of alternative gadgets that you can get for the price of one 8BG iPhone.

  • An 80GB and a 30GB iPod
  • An 8GB, and a 4GB, and a 2GB iPod Nano
  • Seven iPod Shuffles with $40 left over
  • A Playstation 3
  • A Nintendo Wii, and a Xbox 360 Core System, and a year of Xbox Live Gold
  • An Xbox 360 Premium, and a year of Xbox Live Gold, and a Xbox 360 media remote, and a Nintendo DS Lite
  • A Nikon D40 digital SLR with a 18mm-to-55mm lens
  • A Panasonic DMR-EH75V DVD recorder/80GB DVR/VCR deck and a Panasonic SC-HT40 home theater in a box

Although the iPhone is indeed a bit pricey, you can’t deny that this is one of the best cellphones or gadgets ever built. When the iPod first came out, people were willing to pay $400 for a 5GB, monochrome version. So it’s not a surprise to see people willing to shell out that much money for the iPhone.

Buying those alternative gadgets can’t match or replace the feeling of excitement and joy that only the iPhone can bring.

As for me, even if I had the money to get one I’d pass for now. I’ll wait a little longer until Apple upgrades or improves the iPhone capabilities and I’m sure by then, it would be less expensive. Do you like any of the devices/gadgets listed above or do you know of other iPhone alternatives that aren’t in the list? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Guam is supposedly not getting the capabilities for the IPHONE for the next 5 years! LMAO! I'd rather get a 360 elite and a XBOX live card than a phone for $600 anyway. haha

  2. @verns – Yup, if you’re the type of person who likes to always have the latest gadgets and technology, you’ll need a lot of money. Hehe So you’ll get an iPhone when it comes out in the Philippines? :)

    @jhay – For now it may seem absurd but some people would spend money just to have the latest technology in their hands. It also depends on the person’s preference and needs and in your case, you need the camera or computer more than an iPhone. :D

  3. That much money on an mobile phone with so many limitation?!

    I’d rather get that Nikon D40 instead, or a brand new computer. :lol:

  4. everyday new innovations come out…thats why, if you ask me, like you, I am also willing to wait for a while (not that i am going to buy one hehe)…surely months from now the price will go down…

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