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Attention all WordPress junkies, fans, advocates and users! Just wanna share something I came across this morning while going through my daily reads. I know that there were a few popular WordPress podcasts in the past and some that still exist on the Internet but I didn’t know until earlier today that there is now a radio station dedicated to all things WordPress. WPR.FM as it is called, is a 24/7 streaming audio station managed by Marcus Couch, a veteran podcaster and co-host of the WordPress Plugins A-Z Podcast.

Right now, there’s still no official show/podcast lineup but probable candidates would be the following: WordPress Weekly with Jeff Chandler, WordPress Plugins A-Z with John Overall and Marcus Couch, Your Website Engineer with Dustin Hartzler, The WordPress Chick with Kim Doyal, WP Watercooler with Chris Lema, Jeff Tucker and cast, DradCast with Brad Williams and Dre Armeda, Matt Report with Matt Medeiros, Weekly Web Tools with Dave Jackson, WP Bacon, Apply Filters and The Daily Plugin.

Although the WPR.FM WordPress radio station is now live and running it still needs a bit of help in some areas – Site Design and Development, App Creation and Content Programming. If you or someone you know would like to help in this project/effort, please contact Marcus Couch.

I’m an expert on any of the categories mentioned above so the only thing I could do to support this project is to blog about it and get the word out there so that more people, especially WordPress users will know that a WordPress Radio Station exists.

Btw, like I mentioned earlier, WPR.FM is already online and everyone is invited to tune in. You can stream it live via their splash page on any computer or mobile device and in any format. I tried it on my laptop and smartphone and was able to listen to the live stream perfectly. Now I’ll have something to listen to in my free time. A stand-alone app for iOS and Android would make it even sweeter. Kudos to Marcus and the other folks who have helped to make WPR.FM WordPress Radio a reality.

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