Do you know how to read l337 5p34k? Is your favorite past time called World of Warcraft or Minecraft? Do you know what the phrase “There’s no place like” means? Do you know the character’s names in Star Wars or Star Trek? Do you know how to jailbreak or root a mobile device? Do you use Linux? If so, then most likely you are a geek.

In the past, the term “geek” was often used to describe people who were odd or peculiar. Now, it has become a word that is used to describe people who are experts or enthusiasts of a specific field or hobby – computer geek, Star Wars geek, etc. Also, many geeky activities that used to attract ridicule are now considered to be “cool”.

Whether you’re a haxxor or a hipster, a programmer or a poser, if you think you are a geek or just want to check how much of the culture you know, check out this infographic that tests your “geek” IQ. It will quiz you on all sorts of geeky stuff like computers, technology, movies, comics, video games, board games, etc.

50 Things A Geek Should Know

50 things geek


Anyone here who considers themselves a geek? What do you guys think of this infographic? Does it list all the things a geek should know? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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