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WordPress Junkies

If you’re a WordPress user, fan, theme/plugin developer or anyone who lives, eats and breathes WordPress then this new social network is for you. WordPress Junkies is a social network for all things WordPress. It aims to provide users a friendly and efficient environment to share and promote all WordPress-related stuff. WordPress Junkies was cofounded by Michele Welch, a well known Online Business Advisor and DiTesco, an Internet Marketer, who helps people build a successful Home Based Business.

WordPress Junkies is not only a site for sharing WordPress stuff but also a place to build connections and relationships with other WordPress enthusiasts. Aside from that, submitting stories can also help users to promote their own WordPress-related blog posts and gain more exposure and traffic. The WordPress Junkies system works similar to Digg or Yahoo! Buzz where submitted stories get voted up or down by other users. Stories that get more votes stay on top of the homepage and gets more exposure. Aside from voting, users can also comment on stories and share it to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, del.icio.us, StumbleUpon, etc. This unique social network is still in Beta but is now open to the public and registration is FREE.

Kudos to Michele and DiTesco for creating the WordPress Junkies social network. I’m sure that it will help a lot of WordPress enthusiasts in promoting their posts and also be another valuable resource for WordPress stuff.

I’ve already registered myself but still have to submit a story. I’m looking forward to sharing my own WordPress-related stories, find new stuff shared by other users and at the same time meet and connect with other WordPress enthusiasts like myself. Btw, you can also follow WordPress Junkies on Twitter – @PressJunkies.

Get your WordPress fix at WordPress Junkies

Anyone else here who joined WordPress Junkies? What do you think of this new social network for WordPress?

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