WordPress for iOS 6.4

Just want to give a heads up to all WordPress users who blog on their iPads and iPhones. The development team released WordPress for iOS 6.4 a few days ago and it contains some new features, upgrades and bug fixes.

Do you want to know what this newest release of WordPress for iOS has in store? Here’s what’s new in 6.4 (via the App store):

  • iPad Keyboard Shortcuts – To show our external keyboard users some love, we’ve added some handy keyboard shortcuts to the post editor and for switching between tabs. Can you say a productivity boost?
  • Share Media – Do you like sharing images? Yeah, so do we! Not being able to share images to the app via Apple’s native sharing feature was getting us down so we had to add it.
  • Search in the Reader – We want to make it easier to find content you like in the Reader. We think our new Search feature will be a great first step.
  • Blog Post/Page Search – Speaking of searching, you can now search for post and pages that are on your blog but not synced to the app.
  • Improved Gestures – Finally, just for fun, we made it so full-screen images can be flung away when you’re done viewing. Just give the screen a quick swipe to send those pixels tumbling away into the ether.


iPad Keyboard Shortcuts
wordpress for ios 6.4

wordpress for ios 6.4

Share Media
wordpress for ios 6.4

People Management
wordpress for ios 6.4

Search in the Reader
wordpress for ios 6.4

Below are some of the bugs fixes included in WordPress for iOS 6.4:

  • Plans: Personal plan is missing an icon and listed out of order
  • Fix the spacing around the preview link
  • Reader: Images in comments can get stuck in a loading loop
  • Fix analytics for when a user creates a new site
  • Reader: Error showing svg smily icons
  • My Sites: Layout glitch on login screen when an error occurs while adding a self-hosted site
  • Self hosted sites show as out of date
  • People: Update Details Interface
  • Share Extension: Image is not added to post for Jetpack-linked site
  • Reader Search: Can’t fully scroll or clear saved searches in landscape view on iPhone
  • Images captured while on the media library don’t show immediately
  • Images go missing when captured but not added to the post
  • Bug: Reader List + Multitasking
  • Bug: Reader Menu + Multitasking
  • Reader Comments: Comment cells have wrong layout after locking/unlocking an iPad.
  • PostListFilter is leaking memory.
  • Assertion failures in `WPPostViewController`.
  • Me: WordPress.com Profile About Me field behaves weird
  • Reader: Feeds can’t be unfollowed except from the site menu.
  • Backdated drafts are published instead with the current date/time
  • Push notifications should wait to register until signed into WP.com

Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

If you would like to upgrade your WordPress for iOS app to version 6.4, go to the App Store on your iOS device (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) and install the update. If you prefer to do the upgrade via your iMac, Macbook or desktop computer, click on this link. It will automatically launch iTunes and you can proceed with the upgrade process from there.

Have you guys upgraded your app to WordPress for iOS 6.4? What is the new feature/s that you like best? Did you encounter any issues or problems with this new version? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

[image source: WordPress.com Apps]

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