WordPress Bits

WordPress Bits is not just another WordPress blog. This blog focuses on the development and customization of everything associated with WordPress whether it’s for a standalone installation, WordPress.com accounts or WordPress MU. It is authored by Sysadmin, entreprenuer and blogger Leonid Mamchenkov.

WordPress Bits will feature topics focusing on the following areas: WordPress customizations, WordPress development, WordPress internals, WordPress as a web application framework and WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System).

Leonid wants to make it clear that this site is not about:

  • Blogging (news, tips, techniques).
  • Writing (language, communication, content).
  • Programming (languages, algorithms, news).
  • Other applications (Drupal, NucleusCMS, Movable Type, etc).

If you’re a tech-savvy person, someone who’s interested with WordPress internals, or someone who builds web applications then WordPress Bits is for you.

What do you guys think of WordPress Bits? Do you know of any other blogs or websites that also features topics about WordPress customizations, development and other WordPress-related topics? Please share you thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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