Ultimate Tag Warrior + WP 2.1 = Lost Tags

If you’re using the latest version of Ultimate Tag Warrior and plan to upgrade to WordPress 2.1, don’t!

While I was looking for a fix for my trackback problem, I found out that using Ultimate Tag Warrior version 3.141592 with WordPress 2.1 will cause you to lose all your tags on a post whenever a new comment is added, deleted, or unapproved. I was guilty of using both so I checked my recent posts after the WordPress upgrade and true enough, my tags were all gone. I had to add all the tags back for each post.

Ultimate Tag Warrior is a very good plugin however, the current version doesn’t work with WordPress 2.1. This issue has already been verified as a bug and expect to see an update.

In the meantime, if you’re also a victim of this don’t fret. Moeffju has a manual fix for it. Below is the steps on how to do it.

How to fix it:

1. In the UTW folder look for: -actions.php & -actions-wordpress2.php.
2. Open both files with your text editor.
3. Look for function ultimate_save_tags($postID).
(-actions.php go to line 499 and -actions-wordpress2.php go to line 424).
4. Right after the curly bracket “{“, insert these lines:

if (!is_admin()) return $postID;
if (!isset($_POST[‘tagset’])) return $postID;

5. Save the files, upload them via FTP & overwrite existing files.

That should fix the problem. I also did this and so far it has solved the issue.

If you would like to try another plugin to work with your tags, another option is to use Bunny’s Technorati Tags.

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  1. @milo – Yeah, there are a few but not all blogs have the same problems. There were a few minor issues I had to fix but everything's working fine right now. But if you wantto play safe, then just wait til every bug gets fixed. Yup, read the email and sent you a reply. Thanks! :)

  2. @jhay – Yeah, I didn't even know about the bug til now and good thing that it wasn't too late. If not, I'd be retyping all those tags back to each post. Hehe :P

    @nevins – Yeah, good to see someone I actually know here in the blogosphere. Hehe :D

  3. Nice, I've been looking for a fix for the UTW bug. I'll test this on my sandbox, thinking I'll just for the official fix release, besides the Cutline theme is not yet fully compatible with WP 2.1 Oh wel…

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