Whether you’re searching for a topic to write about due to writer’s block or simply want to discover relevant posts written by other WordPress bloggers then you should check out PressTags.

PressTags is a special search engine created by Trevor Fitzgerald, a long time WordPress fan & developer. This search engine is specially designed to gather and index all posts and topics from WordPress-powered sites, which are then compiled and organized for easy browsing.

Here’s a demo video of PressTags

To use PressTags, simply go to the website and type in a specific topic or keyword and click Search. It will display a list of recently published posts tagged with the keyword that you’re looking for.


Aside from the list of recently published posts, the search results also displays the recent activity or popularity of that specific topic and suggests a list of related topics.

Right now, PressTags is in private beta so if you want your site to be added to the network you’ll have to request for an invite. The only requirements are content must be original, good quality content and of course your website should be powered by WordPress.


Aside from the search engine, PressTags also has a WordPress plugin that displays trending topics from the PressTags database right on your WordPress dashboard so you don’t have to go searching for topics or posts to write about.


The PressTags plugin is customized to display only posts that are the same or related to the topics you blog about most on your website and also allows users to easily reblog posts so they can quickly come up with fresh new content.

Kudos to Trevor for creating PressTags, coming up with the idea of a search engine for WordPress powered posts and for the PressTags plugin which I’m sure will help a lot of writers and bloggers get rid of writer’s block.

Anyone tried or are using the PressTags search engine or the WordPress plugin? What are other options or features that should be added in future updates? Please share your thoughts.

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  • JP Habaradas, March 10, 2011 @ 9:25 AM

    @DiTesco – Cool! I also submitted mine earlier and hope it would get accepted.

    PressTags sure is a great and cool tool for finding topics to write about and as you mentioned “trending” topics as well. Also, this tool won’t be beneficial only to WordPress bloggers but to other bloggers as well.

    You’re welcome! Glad I could share this with you. :)

  • DiTesco, March 10, 2011 @ 9:23 AM

    Hi Jaypee. This is really cool and I have just submitted my site for an invite. I think that it is a great tool not only to find something to write about, but also to get updated on “trending” topics. Might put to good use when finding something to “discuss” about on other niche subjects. Great. Thanks for letting us know.

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