Distraction Free Writing Mode Coming to WordPress 3.2

Aside from writer’s block, one of the challenges that writers and bloggers often face are distractions. There are several distraction free writing tools available on the Internet for free that you can use to keep those distractions away. If you’re using WordPress, you won’t be needing a third-party program as WordPress 3.2 will be coming with a distraction free writing mode.

This new feature was recently added to the full-screen editing mode of WordPress by Andrew Ozz and is now available in the WP Trunk.

Here are a few screenshots of the upcoming WordPress 3.2 distraction-free writing mode:

WordPress 3.2 Distraction-Free Writing Mode

WordPress 3.2 Distraction-Free Writing Mode

WordPress 3.2 Distraction-Free Writing Mode

WordPress 3.2 Distraction-Free Writing Mode

If you’re using the distraction-free writing mode, all other features in the editor can be accessed by mouse movement. Meaning, once you stop typing and move your mouse, all the other features will show up allowing you to click on them. Those currently using or trying out the WordPress trunk version, your comments, suggestions and feedback would be greatly appreciated and would help the dev team.

I’m not sure if I’ll be using this feature when I start using WordPress 3.2 but I’ll definitely give it a try. However, I believe that it would benefit some users who are struggling with distractions. Other ways you can keep away distractions while working/blogging is to close your email client, close all social network accounts, turn off the TV/radio, work in your office, library or a quiet area in your house.

What do you think of the upcoming WordPress 3.2 distraction free mode? Are you currently using a distraction-free writing tool? Would you use the one built-in on WordPress? Please share your thoughts.

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