WP Theme Review: Zenlike

Zenlike is a 2 column fixed width, widget friendly, right sidebar wordpress theme with a zen touch. This theme is designed by NodeThirtyThree and ported to WordPress by Theme Porter.


WP Theme - Zenlike

My Take
On a scale of 1 to 5 and 5 being the highest, I give the Zenlike a 3.5. I like the way it’s designed, simple and clean. The color scheme is good but I think the shade of green used for the menu doesn’t match the background. I think this could be improved and would look better with a brown color scheme. I like the wood panel background which makes the Zenlike unique compared to most free WordPress themes. Because the Zenlike theme is widget ready, you can add your favorite widgets and customize it.

I’m not a fan of the Georgia and Times New Roman fonts because of the issue of readability. One of the most important aspects of a blog or website is the font. The recommended typeface to use is Sans Serif. The most commonly used and known ones are Arial, Tahoma and Verdana. The Sans Serif typeface have become the standard for content text, especially online because computer monitors and other electronic screens provide a cleaner and more legible rendering of sans-serif fonts than serif fonts. So if you decide to use the Zenlike theme, you can just edit the style sheet and change the font style.

Check out or download the Zenlike WordPress theme.

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  1. @benj – Yeah, I also noticed that while I was searching for themes a few days ago. They should add bottom bar into the sorting options.

    You're welcome! I hope you like the next featured theme. If not, I'll have to look for another one. Hehe :D

  2. I've always wanted to get one but for some reason, the big repository of WP themes doesn't have bottom bar filter.


    thanks for your consideration. *jumps up and down*

  3. @ash – Yeah, as far as I know that's what it's called. I haven't tried the Durable theme. The Hemingway, I've downloaded some versions but I've never used any of them for this blog. Btw, what do you mean when you said, "they are not nice to me"? :)

    Next featured WP Theme would have a bottom bar just as benj requested. Hehe :D

  4. bottom bar. technically it's a bottom bar. Durable theme also has a bottom bar. and the Hemmingway. I've used those themes before but they are not very nice to me. hehe… there are several themes as well with bottom bars…

  5. @jhay – Really? Too bad you forgot the reason why you never used this theme. I'd like to hear it. :)

    @benj – Are you talking about the bar with the Popular Entries, Top Tags & Elsewheres? It's called the bottom bar. Hehe :D

    Okay, I'll try to feature a theme that has a bottom bar next time just for you! ;)

    @dimaks – Yup, you're right. That would definitely look better. :)

  6. Slightly off-topic, but what do you call the bottom bar at the bottom of your theme? :) I want a theme that has that thingie. hehe

    OnT: The background is weeeeeird. hehe

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