Servint Upgrades Entire VPS Line


Earlier today, I received an email from my hosting provider Servint announcing the upgrade of their entire VPS lineEssential, Signature, Ultimate, Super, Super125 and SuperVPS 2x.

These recent Servint upgrades will give VPS customers up to 50% more RAM and 20% increase in Disk Space. Current customers with any VPS package will receive the upgrades for FREE (no additional charges). These new upgrades along with the company’s decision to reduce the number of customers allocated to each virtualized server mean customers will have more CPU resources and will see a very significant drop in server load.

Old Package Specifications:

  • Essential – RAM 768MB (Burst 1.5GB); Disk Space 50GB
  • Signature – RAM 1.5GB (Burst 3GB); Disk Space 75GB
  • Ultimate – RAM 2GB (Burst 4GB); Disk Space 100GB
  • Super – RAM 4GB (Burst 8GB); Disk Space 100GB
  • Super125 – RAM 4GB (Burst 8GB); Disk Space 125GB
  • SuperVPS 2x – RAM 8GB (Burst 16GB); Disk Space 150GB

New Package Specifications:

  • Essential – RAM 768MB (Burst 1.5GB); Disk Space 60GB
  • Essential+ – RAM 1GB (Burst 2GB); Disk Space 65GB
  • Signature – RAM 2GB (Burst 4GB); Disk Space 90GB
  • Ultimate – RAM 3GB (Burst 6GB); Disk Space 120GB
  • Super – RAM 5GB (Burst 10GB); Disk Space 120GB
  • Super150 – RAM 5GB (Burst 10GB); Disk Space 150GB
  • SuperVPS 2x – RAM 10GB (Burst 20GB); Disk Space 180GB

Servint is also offering a new hosting package – Essential+ which for only $10 more per month than the Essential VPS package, offers 1GB of RAM and more disk space. To avoid confusion with the coming upgrades, the Super125 VPS package will be changed to Super150 to reflect the new upgraded disk space included in this package.

Current Servint VPS customers will receive the upgrade within the next 30 days while new hardware are being installed. To check if your server has already been upgraded, login to your VPS and check the package specifications using /proc/user/beancounters or the “vpsstat” tool. Or you can just wait for the next email notification from Servint when all upgrades have been completed.

JaypeeOnline has been with Servint for almost two years now and I’m a very happy camper. I can’t say that it has been perfect as I’ve had some issues, the worst being the downtime that happened during a routine maintenance procedure. However, the folks at Servint were always quick, polite and very helpful in solving the issues or in answering questions and inquiries I send their way. One more thing, they have very knowledgeable technicians. Servint have several levels/tiers of technicians so support tickets are forwarded to higher-level technicians if the lower-level ones can’t fix it.

Need a good and reliable VPS or Dedicated Server provider? Check out Servint!

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