1. @elmot – Yeah, I was busy migrating my blog twice and the DNS propagation was taking place thats why there were problems.

    Yes, increased traffic in the past few months and no, they were not Martians. Hehe Before I had the 2 month blogging hiatus, I was already below the 100k Alexa ranking. So right now, I’m just trying to get back to my old form and hopefully improve my ranking. ;)

  2. I tried to access your blog over the weekend too, but as you said there were problems.

    I really don’t know much about techy stuffs, but I am happy that all is well already in your blog.

    Wow, your traffic is increasing? Maybe some of the Martians were trying to access your blog bro… As I can see there is a great improvement in your Alexa ranking; you are now below the 100K…so I guess from my simplistic reasoning, that means there is indeed great traffic lately on your blog.

  3. @jan – Hmm..maybe I can do that as one of my posts in the near future. I’ll have to do some more research though so you guys won’t be disappointed. ;)

    Btw, regarding your problem with Super Cache, I think you had the setting “Don’t cache pages for logged in users” unchecked. With it unchecked, it means that all logged in users including you the admin would get the cached page.

    Maybe you can try to activate it again and check if the “Don’t cache pages for logged in users” is checked or unchecked. Then see if it works if you have it checked. Let me know, okay?

  4. I hope you write a tutorial on using WP super cache. Really. I have one installed then Rocky had it disabled because I seemed unable to edit published while it’s active. Or perhaps you can write other bloggers have in using this plugin. The setting, for example, needs a guide for those of us who have steep learning curve to surmount.

  5. @sylv3rblade – So far everyone’s recommend it and I’m already convinced. Hehe :D

    Glad that its working smoothly on my blog (as far as I know). Btw, I changed my mind with the VPS thing. I went back to my previous web host. :D

  6. @Gem – I chose Super Cache which btw can also be configured to work only as a regular Cache.

    Yes, they can. If your blog uses up a lot or more than the alloted CPU resources, most web hosts would disable/suspend your account so that it won’t affect other accounts hosted on that server. Well now you don’t have to ask coz you already know. Hehe

  7. My host is actually recommending the installation of wp cache. He says that wordpress installations use up a lot of memory. I haven’t installed it yet but I’ll be considering it later.

  8. @Film Book – Thanks Reg! I’m using Super Cache now and everything seems to be working fine. I made sure I read its installation instructions well and checked that I had the required modules and stuff before I installed it. I hope that Super Cache would keep my blog from having that high cpu usage issue again. :D

  9. Go for wp-supercache. wp-cache is outdated. I use wp-supercache in most of the sites I’ve worked with. It’s easy to install one anyway.

    FYI, The Lady Programmer uses wp-supercache and it gets a good amount of stumble traffic whenever I get to update that. Sometimes I do write “hot keyword” posts.

    I didn’t also know that having self-hosted accounts could suspend sites that suck up high CPU resources. I was actually about to ask you about that. :-D

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