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ServInt Doubles RAM for VPS Customers

When you own a website or blog, one of the challenges is finding a reliable hosting provider that can provide good server specs, competent customer & tech support. I’ve been with my hosting provider –

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Servint Upgrades Entire VPS Line

Earlier today, I received an email from my hosting provider Servint announcing the upgrade of their entire VPS line – Essential, Signature, Ultimate, Super, Super125 and SuperVPS 2x. These recent Servint upgrades will give VPS

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WPWebhost Freedom Plan 90% OFF Promo

WPWebhost recently launched their brand new, redesigned website and to celebrate this event, they are offering a humongous 90% one-time discount to their popular Freedom Plan hosting package. The promo offers discounted unites which are

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DreamHost Blocks Googlebot?

The owner of Romanian site allegedly received an email recently from his web host Dreamhost ordering him to block Googlebot from his sites that have high traffic as it was causing heavy load on

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JaypeeOnline Is Now On Dreamhost

A month ago, I mentioned in my interview with Blog-O-Rama that one of my goals was to have paid hosting for JaypeeOnline and now it’s become a reality. Yes, I finally have my own paid


More Downtime

Experienced more downtime on JaypeeOnline. My blog has been inaccessible for the last 10-12 hours. Since 8 pm of last night, my web host’s hosting server was down. At first I was not worried because