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Mobile Marketing [Infographic]

Mobile computing used to be the “future” of technology. Now, it has quickly become the “present” with the influx of new devices and technologies such as high-end smartphones, tablets, cloud computing, 4G, WiMAX and LTE

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Social Media Social Networks

Life Of A Facebook Photo [Infographic]

With more than 500 million users spending over 700 billion minutes per month, Facebook is the top dog in terms of Internet traffic. Facebook users share about 30 billion pieces of content each month which

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Sitting Down Can Kill You [Infographic]

While browsing the Internet the other day, I came across this infographic from BuzzFeed entitled – Sitting Down WILL Kill You. So what does it have to do with technology, blogging, computers and other stuff

life without twitter
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Life Without Twitter [Infographic]

Are you an avid Twitter user? Do you spend countless hours on it each day? Or maybe find yourself frequently taking out your mobile device to tweet or check other people’s tweets? Whether you use


What Is A WordCamp? [Infographic]

A few days ago, I shared with you the list of upcoming 2011 Summer WordCamps. For those of you who’ve been able to attend WordCamp before, you know what it’s all about. However, for those

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Internet Social Media

Social Media Milestones [Infographic]

I love infographics and I know many of you do too. So today, I’m sharing with you another cool social media-related infographic from Edelman Digital. To celebrate the first-year anniversary of their re-launch, Edelman Digital

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The History of Social Networking [Infographic]

I’ve shared and posted several infographics in the past like the State of the Internet or the World of Facebook but I’m sure this one I’m sharing today is something that many of you will

power of wordpress infographic
Blogging WordPress

The Power of WordPress [Infographic]

I love WordPress and I know many of you do too. The folks over at also love WordPress and have decided to express their love by gathering information and creating an infographic that shows

prolific wordpress infographic

The Profilic WordPress Infographic by, a web hosting company that specializes in WordPress hosting recently released a cool and very informative infographic on WordPress called The Prolific WordPress. This infographic was designed and created by founder Joshua Strebel

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Infographic: The World of Facebook

A couple months back, The Blog Herald published a detailed infographic on Twitter’s growth and statistics. Yesterday, they released a new infographic which focuses on the popular social networking site – Facebook. Many of us