What Is A WordCamp? [Infographic]

A few days ago, I shared with you the list of upcoming 2011 Summer WordCamps. For those of you who’ve been able to attend WordCamp before, you know what it’s all about. However, for those who haven’t been to one, WordCamps might not seem interesting. Some of you might just know it as a WordPress-related event but you don’t have an idea on what goes on during the event – what it is about or what and who’s it for, what to expect (activities) and what the benefits are of attending it.

I can try to explain about WordCamp but that could take me a long time and I’m not sure if I’ll do a good job. Fortunately, the guys at WPBeginner have made it easy by creating an infographic entitled “What is a WordCamp and Why You Should Attend?“. As the name suggests, this infographic explains what a WordCamp is, what it is about, what to expect from it and why you should attend one especially if you’re a WordPress user.

What is a WordCamp?

[click here to view the large version of the infographic]

It’s a simple infographic but provides the information a person needs in order to know more or get a better idea about WordCamps. Kudos to the folks of WPBeginner for creating and sharing this nice and informative infographic about WordCamps.

WordCamps are a really fun and learning experience. I hope I can attend another one this year but based on the schedule, I might have to wait until next year. If you plan on attending one, make sure to check WordCamp Central for the complete and official list of scheduled WordCamps. Anyone else planning on attending a WordCamp this year?

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  1. I attended my very first WordCamp Philippines last year in Manila and it was a fun learning experience. I also enjoyed meeting for the first time A-list bloggers whom I only get to read online.

    Kudos to last year’s organizers for making it worthwhile for us who had to travel all the way by plane from Mindanao.

    And yes, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg was there, making the Wordcamp even more special! I even had my photo taken with him! :)

    Hope this year’s Wordcamp is already being organized! Can’t wait to be there again.

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