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New Google Adsense Interface

Google revealed a new Adsense interface known as Version 3 in November of last year and since its announcement, the new interface was kept in closed beta testing to a few Adsense publishers. I wasn’t

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Yahoo Publisher Network Closes, Refers Customers to Chitika

As a Chitika Publisher, I receive the Chitika newsletter on a regular basis. I was surprised when I opened the latest issue of the newsletter earlier today. It read “Chitika Welcomes Yahoo! YPNO Publishers“. Reading

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$100 Google Adwords Coupon

I’ve been a Google Adsense user since June of 2005 and I’ve also registered and tried out their Affiliate program but I’ve never tried Google Adwords even though I already have an account there. I

google certified ad networks

Google Certified Ad Networks

Got an email earlier today from Google regarding something new called Google Certified Ad Networks, a feature that enables advertisers from external Google-certified networks to compete with AdWords advertisers for ad space on Adsense publisher

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WordPress Themes

WP Theme Review: Monograph

One of my favorite WordPress related blogs is WP Zoom by Pavel Ciorici. This blog started out just as a regular blog that posted about WordPress related topics but early this year, they released their

weekend roundup
Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup #5

I’ve been very busy the past few days that I wasn’t able to post that much but I made sure that I would be able to publish this week’s roundup because I know you guys

new adsense

Hybrid Adsense Text + Link Ad

The first time I came across a hybrid Adsense text and link ad was when Abe mentioned it on his blog. I didn’t even know that something like this existed even if it’s not a