$100 Google Adwords Coupon

Google Adwords Coupon

I’ve been a Google Adsense user since June of 2005 and I’ve also registered and tried out their Affiliate program but I’ve never tried Google Adwords even though I already have an account there. I wanted to try it out before but decided not to because I didn’t want to waste spend my money on something that I wasn’t sure of. Well I had a pleasant surprise a couple months back when I received an email from Google for a free $100 Adwords Coupon. It was sent to me as a Google Analytics user. Below is an excerpt of the I received:

Dear Google Analytics user,

You already know that Googleâ„¢ Analytics helps you gain rich insights from your website. When you combine Google Analytics with Google AdWordsâ„¢, you can get even more from your website: more traffic, more conversions, more business.

And with this $100 free advertising credit, you can try AdWords risk-free until September 30, 2009, after which your coupon drops in value to $75 and remains valid until November 30, 2009.

Unfortunately, I was very busy at that time that I totally forgot about it and wasn’t able to use it. I only remembered about it when I received a letter from Google via snail mail last week. Guess what it was? Another free $100 Adwords Coupon, but this time it was credited to my Adsense publisher account. Below is a photo of the letter containing the Adwords coupon.

Google Adwords Coupon

Since this is my first time to try Google Adwords, I’m still not sure how I’m gonna use it. I don’t wanna miss the chance to get the $100 credit which will expire at the end of this month so I still have a few more days to think about it and decide how I’m gonna use it. If any of you guys have some experience or tips that you can share on how to use Adwords, I’d greatly appreciate it.

Anyone here using Google Adwords? Who else got the free $100 Adwords Coupon via email or letter from Google? If you have, have you used it already and how did you use it? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. @Abhik – Cool! Is INR 1,500 a lot? Don’t know the exchange rate so how much is that in US $? Good that you got to use it. Me, I keep getting these coupons and I never use them. Hehe

  2. Hi there, im just starting to promote my new site and wondered if anyone had a google coupon atall which i could use, if you could mail me back id be very grateful and also offer discount on our products!

  3. I have a blog and have previouly used the $100 gift card. Anyone know how to use a second gift card? Do I have to setup a new google publisher account? That seems totally redundant.

  4. Adwords is a really great tool for promoting your website, forum or affiliate link. the ppc cost of adwords is even cheaper than Friendster or Facebook. before, i used to advertise on facebook but the ROI is so low. Adwords gives me a much better ROI compared to Facebook ads.

  5. Hi Jaypee,

    Was searching on Google, looking for info on how to use this $100 coupon I received. I already have an Adwords account and was trying to figure out if I opened a new account could I then use it. I tried to use a coupon once before but it said my account was too old. :(

    If anyone has had any luck opening up a new Adwords account (even though you already have one) and applying the coupon, please let me know.


    Stacey @ Natural Remedies for Dogs and Cats

  6. I just got my promo coupon in the mail today.

    It was for 100$ as a valentines day gift LOL.

    Im not sure how to use it, I just have a youtube channel that was partnered so i dont really have a web site to get traffic for. I wonder if i could maybe make ads to direct people to my youtube channel page, might be against the rules tho.

    Anyone have any idea how this applies to youtube channel partners that do not have web sites outside of youtube? (i have a blogspot but its just for fun, not very active on it).

    Thanks in advance,

  7. Concerning expiration. If you assign that coupon code to your account within the time period then it stays in your account indefintely. No rush to use it until your ready.

  8. make money videossays:

    i have also got a 100$ adwords coupon from google they will deduct you 5 $ as activation fee so you get 95 dollars in advertising you need to fund your account minimum 10$ dollars for it to become active

  9. Google adwords is you will create ads and choose keywords, which are words or phrases related to your business.

    Your ads appear on Google

    When people search on Google using one of your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results. Now you’re advertising to an audience that’s already interested in you.

    You attract customers

    People can simply click your ad to make a purchase or learn more about you. You don’t even need a web page to get started — Google will help you create one for free. It’s that easy!

  10. I got one of these in the mail as well, and right on time! I’ll be using it to promote my new website when its done – the problem is that it says it expires at this end of this month and then its only worth $75, and not $100. So i’m now finding my self rushing to get my website complete before it expires!

  11. wow about that google adwords, I also don’t have any about that but I think it’s those ads appearing on your google ads box is what you pay with google adwords. Not sure though

  12. Wow! That’s a nice freebies. I’m using Google Adwords now for my client’s site and for another website of mine (not my blog though). As far as I know, they have a promo of free 2000 pesos credit for new customers. Too bad, I wasn’t able to avail of it. :-(

  13. Be very careful using these coupons. They are for New Accounts and New Customers only. If you have a Adwords account you are not a New Customer even if you open a new Adwords account. Read the fine print.

    BTW the bottom bar of your site is jumping around in FF

  14. Using it right now and no strings attached . . . . when you submit your credit card payment there is a entry for promo code – just insert it and they will give you $100 credit but will debit your credit card for $5 setup fee – no probs – its worth the $$$$ cuz it will drive some traffic your way

  15. Japaul Vergoniasays:

    If I were you I'll use the Adword coupon, not 'coz it's free but it will do good to drive more (and more) traffics to your sites..

    Google Adword users conclude that it really works fine and great in making (your) site's traffic by percent.. But then it's you who will then decided.. ^^

  16. Hi jaypee, I will have no meaningful contribution to this discussion. :P I have no idea how to use Google Adwords. hah!

    I just came by to say.. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  17. @Jaypee, I also received same kind of promo. I received it through email, plus I still have $50 dollar Google credit free when I bought my domain. But I’m not sure if I can use it because I have a Adsense account. Is it ok to use adword while my adsense is active?Have you tried using adword to drive traffic to your blog? Is it ok with google?

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