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According to leading broadband comparison site Broadband Expert (, consumers now prefer Pay as You Go (prepaid) mobile broadband over contract mobile broadband. According to sales figures from a few months ago, 53% of mobile broadband customers chose Pay as You Go packages while 47% of customers opted for the contract deals.

Broadband Expert’s commercial director Rob Webber, believes that this trend will continue – “We’ve seen Pay as You Go sales rise sharply since the end of 2008 as customers realize that they only need to pay for the broadband they use and don’t need to enter into a lengthy contract.” T-Mobile, one of the largest mobile phone service providers in the world have also witnessed a similar trend – the stabilization of the contract mobile broadband market and increase in the sales of Pay as You Go mobile broadband deals. According to T-Mobile, prepaid mobile broadband sales account for 20% of the total market and has steadily increased in the last few months of last year.

Due to the current economic crisis, consumers are trying to eliminate unnecessary expenses and are looking for ways to save every penny they could. Because it is affordable and convenient, prepaid mobile broadband is also an ideal gift for loved ones who are always on the go especially for students who can’t afford contract mobile broadband.

If you’re having a hard time choosing a provider and need help in finding the best mobile broadband or Internet deals, you can use a website like Broadband Expert to help you compare mobile broadband providers and wireless & high-speed Internet deals.

[image source: BusinessWeek]

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