Different Ways You Can Be Injured by Your Tech Devices

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In a world where tech devices are part of our daily lives, everyone has at least one favorite tech device. However, what people don’t know is that even their beloved tech devices can injure them. Doctors see many tech-related injuries, and with more people getting ownership of all sorts of devices, the number of injuries only keeps increasing.

Now, that doesn’t mean people should stop using tech devices altogether. After all, they make our lives easier, and it’s hard to imagine ourselves without them once they become part of our routine. It is important to know how tech gadgets can harm you, though.

Let’s take a look at several different ways you can be injured by your tech devices.

Fake Charger Injury

People own various types of gadgets that require charging now and then. Chargers are very complex on the inside. Just like any other device, a charger can get damaged over time and stop functioning properly. In this case, the owner of the device might want to get a new one.

Depending on the device, some chargers may be pricey, resulting in the individual purchasing a much cheaper one.

Sadly, many cheap third-party chargers have injured people over time. A woman from China was electrocuted a while back and passed away because of this. This all came as she was charging her phone with a counterfeit charger while using the device.

Others have also experienced electric shocks when using malfunctioning counterfeit chargers.

Computer Hunch

If you owned a computer as a child and spent lots of time playing games, you may have heard your mother telling you to sit straight. Truth be told, it’s hard to be aware of your posture when your focus is on killing virtual enemies. You may have even been annoyed by your mother’s repetitive warnings. But if you never listened to her and sat for prolonged periods, you may start regretting your decision once you get a computer hunch.

A computer hunch is caused by bad posture when sitting at a – you guessed it – computer. People tend to lean forward for extended periods when using their computers, which is what puts a lot of pressure on the muscles between the shoulder blades. As a result, the neck, shoulders, and upper back tend to feel stiff and painful.

Lightning Strikes

Being hurt by a lightning strike while you’re using an electronic device sounds like something that only happens in movies. Unfortunately, the scenario is not pure fantasy – it is possible to be injured by a lightning strike when holding a tech device.

A 15-year-old from London was struck by lightning while she was using her mobile phone. This resulted in her having to be resuscitated after going into cardiac arrest. Following the incident, she lost her hearing on the right side.

So, being injured by a lightning strike when using an electrical object is not a myth.

Mouse Wrist

Using a mouse for prolonged periods can not only make your wrist hurt for a few minutes but can also affect it in the long term. Over time, you can experience frequent strain injury, as well as nerve irritation. Using the mouse for too long affects the wrist, forearm, and index finger tendons.


Sleep issues can arise from the continuous use of blue screens. When you are continuously looking at a light source, your body will be unable to prepare for sleep, and you’ll have a hard time entering the dream world when you get into bed. According to studies, melatonin levels are also suppressed when playing shooting games. Melatonin is responsible for regulating your sleep cycles.

Staring at any screen for too long before bed can lead to insomnia issues.

Headphone Injuries

Using headphones while walking on the street is a great way to enjoy some music and relax. However, many people got injured as a result of wearing headphones. Various pedestrians were victims of traffic accidents, with a huge amount sadly passing away.

Headphones distract you and prevent you from hearing approaching dangers, which is why it’s better to not let yourself be absorbed by headphone music in public.

Final Thoughts

Injuries caused by tech devices are more common than you think. It’s crucial to know how your electrical objects can harm you so you can prevent a disaster from happening.

In many cases, when multiple people are hurt by a defective product, they might think of filing a mass tort claim. These cases involve several personal injury claims. In California, victims have up to two years to file a mass tort claim. So, it’s essential to contact a mass tort attorney as soon as possible if you and more people in the area have been injured by the same tech device.

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