Android Games Worth Downloading Right Now

With the advancement in our mobile phones, we’ve seen a rise in terms of the importance they have in our everyday lives. We can pretty much do anything on our phones these days, can’t we?

One functionality that has progressed in recent times has been mobile phone gaming. It has been booming, especially since the emergence of a few advancements like augmented reality, VR headsets, coupled with the sophistication in the overall offering from various developers, such as casino brands, with this particular online casino in CA accepting iDebit now, for example. The likes of puzzle gaming and gaming with your group of friends have also come on leaps and bounds and are hugely popular. All this on a smartphone.

With so many games available to us these days, it can become a bit of a pain to hunt down the best ones though. So, don’t worry, we’ve done it for you. Here are the Android games worth downloading in 2020 so far.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile Android Game

Still one of the most popular games around in 2020, Call of Duty: Mobile is simply faultless. If you can’t resist shooter action, then it doesn’t come better than this, especially on a mobile phone. Not only is it free, but it also features a load of cool features such as Battle Royale, several classic maps, and the characters you’ll know and love from the franchise. On top of that, the graphics and gameplay are outstanding. Give it a go. Honestly.

Download Call of Duty: Mobile from the Google Play Store

Monster Legends

Monster Legends Android Game

Similar in terms of its characters to the augmented reality smash hit Pokemon Go, Monster Legends is a highly intriguing and fun play. As a player, you’re tasked with building up your menagerie by adding various things to it, like creatures, for example, which can be trained up so they can reach their full potential. Similar to Pokemon, each creature requires a different habitat, and as time goes by, it can evolve and change. Once you reach that stage, you can test them further by taking them into Team Wars and Team Battlegrounds. With over 600 monsters to collect, Monster Legends will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Download Monster Legends from the Google Play Store

Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force Android Game

Ever wanted to save the earth? Step forward, Marvel Strike Force. Taking charge of a ragtag group of Marvel characters, you must see off your opponents and lead your team to victory. Alongside that, you’ll be tasked with collecting all of your favorite heroes, building a successful team, upgrading them, and testing their powers against your fellow players. A smash hit in recent times; Marvel Strike Force is well worth downloading.

Download Marvel Strike Force from the Google Play Store

Rest in Pieces

Rest in Pieces Android Game

If you enjoyed Temple Run and, more specifically, the way you had to avoid various obstacles by dodging left or tight, then Rest in Pieces is probably for you. Playing as a porcelain figurine hanging from a rope, the aim of the game is to keep it intact and avoid getting smashed as you swing side to side. A great feature of this creation is its eery feel, like something straight out of a horror movie. Can you save Georgina from her horrific nightmares? To do so, you need to see off the likes of Count Dracula and Medusa.

Download Rest in Pieces from the Google Play Store

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends Android Game

If you’re partial to a bit of shooter action with a sprinkling of RPG, then Shadowgun Legends is a must-have for your phone. Good, honest alien combat, the game is all about completing various missions and building up your reputation along the way. You’ll struggle to find a better sci-fi shooter out there, really.

Download Shadowgun Legends from the Google Play Store

You guys play any of the Android games listed above? Which one is your favorite? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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