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When it comes to buying the best laptop that meets your needs, you need a device that is compact and versatile enough to meet your varying and ever changing needs. A laptop is one of the most important tools for doing serious work.

While it is true that the number of electronics like cameras, tablets and smartphones have been on the increase in America, we still can’t do away with the importance of having a great laptop. From typing research papers to the creation of graphics design, there are tons of things that are only suitable for a laptop.

Since there are a variety of sizes, features and brand names out there, choosing the right laptop often poses a challenge. To make the right call on which laptop to pick, follow these steps.

1. What Platform?
This is not an easy question for anyone to answer especially for those who are not a techie. There are three main platforms that most laptops come equipped with.

They are Chrome OS, Windows and Mac OS X (for Apple’s MacBooks).
Choosing the right laptop would be dependent on the platform that you have installed on your device.

The Windows platform is the most flexible and most popular. Laptops that run on the Windows OS tend to vary in price from $170 to $400

The Mac OS X is a particular OS that comes with all Apple computers. The latest is called macOS Sierra, and it offers similar functionality to Windows 10 but what it makes it different is the interface. It substitutes the Windows start bar with an application dock at the base of the screen, and it comes with a ton of Apple features such as Siri and Apple pay which allows owners to make payments quickly.

The third OS is Chrome OS. This platform is found on inexpensive computers. Google owns it and as with most things Google, it is simple, secure and easy to use but a bit limited compared to the other OS.

2. Combination
Today, laptops come in combos of 2-in 1s which allows you to switch up the laptop feature into a tablet. These type of laptops tend to come as detachable with screens that can be plugged off the keyboard as well as flexible screens with hinges that can bend over in a 360-degree mode. This allows you to turn your laptop into a tablet at your convenience – which is a very cool feature depending on where you find yourself.

3. Screen size
When it comes to finding the perfect laptop for your needs, you need to figure out how portable you need the laptop to be. Laptops are often categorized by their display sizes. The thinnest and lightest of systems tend to come in 11 or 12 inches display screens while those with weight tend to come in 17 to 18 inches. This kind of laptops tends to have superior processing power that affords you the opportunity for high-end workstation productivity.

4. Laptop Bags

When it comes to choosing the best laptop, you need to factor in the extra cost you would spend to get other important accessories for the laptop. One of those accessories are laptop bags.

Laptop bags come in different sizes, and they often come labeled by the scale of the laptop they can accommodate. You want a laptop bag that has a snug fit which would ensure that the laptop doesn’t slide around aimless during transport.

Another thing to look out for when purchasing a laptop bag is the construction. The storage of your sensitive electronic equipment is a big deal. The construction of your bag should not be taken for granted.

If you do decide to buy a laptop with a large display screen (15 inches and above), you might need to look into rolling laptop bags which would take the load off your shoulders as well as being a great travel companion.

At the end of the day, the best laptop would be the one that meets your immediate and future needs as well as fitting into your budget.


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