Zerg Rush Google Easter Egg

Zerg Rush

Aside from the annual April Fool’s Day pranks and hoaxes, Google is known for hiding virtual easter eggs on their products. The latest Google easter egg is themed after one of the most popular computer strategy games ever – Starcraft and can be found by doing a search for the keywords “zerg rush” on Google Search.

If you’ve played the game of Starcraft then you know what I’m talking about. For the sake of those who don’t, “zerg rush” is a term used for a certain type of attack using the Zerg race (insect-like creatures) in which sheer numbers, not brute force is used to defeat the opponent.

Below is a sample of an actual zerg rush on Starcraft:

Here is the zerg rush easter egg on Google Search:

The zerg rush Google easter egg is not just an ordinary easter egg but is also a mini-game. It even records the user’s APM or Actions Per Minute. Once the user types in the keywords, the zerglings represented by letter O’s start attacking the search results and the user can fend off and destroy these attackers by hovering the mouse over the O’s and clicking on them. If the user fails to protect the search results, the O’s gather to the top of the page and form into “GG” which in gaming jargon means “Good Game“. Users who are logged in to their Google account can share their scores on Google+.

If you have some time to spare, go try it out and type in the keywords “zerg rush” on Google Search.

[image sourch: Funny Corner]

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