Super Mecha Champions
The Highly Anticipated Anime-style Mecha TPS Has Arrived!

Super Mecha Champions Now Available on Steam

Enjoy action-packed shootouts and intense gunfights? Ever dreamed about dashing across a futuristic city, piloting a towering mecha and firing on opponents with high-tech weapons? Find them all in Super Mecha Champions (SMC) — an imaginative third-person shooter set in a neo-future city! Developed by NetEase Games, SMC will be made available on Steam today (March 25, 2021) for all players to play for free!

Super Mecha Champions is a TPS that features an innovative combat system with full anime aesthetics, earning the honor of “Most Innovative Game” from Google in 2019. Through stunning anime-style artwork, the game highlights the thrilling battles taking place in a neo-future city under siege by mechas. Experience the most exciting shootouts and try out the wide assortment of mechas in this anime-styled metropolis!

Find yourself in a fair battleground for all in SMC. Your choice of mecha, landing spot, resource acquisition strategy, and dispatch timing will all contribute to your success on the battlefield!

Super Mecha Champions

Super Mecha Champions

Revel in the excitement of firing like never before with the involvement of mecha! Whether you are a master in kiting tactics, damage-absorbing tank builds, sniping from afar, or unloading firepower in mere seconds, you will always find a mecha suited to your playstyles and preferences. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the multidimensional clashes on land and in air! Get loaded with your own ammo and strategies, and fight your way through this spectacular confrontation!

Super Mecha Champions

Explore the vast arsenal of high-tech weapons Super Mecha Champions offers, from particle blasters that could devastate with a single shot, to flamethrowers that incinerate everything in sight, then to homing missiles and smart bombs. All you have to do is watch out for the opportunity to aim, lock, and fire! Also don’t miss out on SMC’s extensive collection of vehicles, including hoverboards, amphibious cars, gliders, and more! Endless options await!

Super Mecha Champions

Battle side-by-side with friends in SMC’s various co-op game modes. From 2v2 and 5v5 mode to massive free-for-alls, all of which require teamwork and skills to overcome those who stand in your way. The fun doesn’t stop here! New game modes featuring myriad scenarios will be made available shortly. The time has come for you to pilot your giant mechas and leave your mark on the battlefield!

The stage is now set for you to compose your own legend!
Super Mecha Champions is now available on Steam. Download for free NOW and claim your New Player Bonus!

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