Astracraft from NetEase Games Launches Globally with Influencer Recruitment Plan!

Build ARMS, drive, and fight! The battleground of space is your stage!

GUANGZHOU, China, January 14th, 2021 – Astracraft, a creative real-time competitive mobile game co-produced by NetEase Games and the British independent game developer – Payload Studios, is now available globally. The “Hopper’s Partner Program” Influencer Recruit Plan is also in full swing, encouraging players to share their impressive moments in the game!

The First Mobile Sandbox Rover Craft & Combat Game

What makes Astracraft unique is that both creation and battle elements can be enjoyed at the same time.


In Create Mode, players can develop their creations using an assortment of modules and access a rich map editor. Players are not only able to customize their ARMS, battleships, or spacecraft, but can even build worlds and maps using their own house rules. In Astracraft, players are only limited by their imagination and the willingness to experiment.


Battle Mode is where players can command their ARMS to fight in all kinds of situations. Battle it out with opponents in the rule-free Infinite Arena; strengthen ARMS by collecting modules and avoiding storms in Storm Mode, or team up and dominate in King of the Hill Mode to capture and defend energy towers.


There’s even more to discover in Race and Party Modes. Race Mode lets players can get behind their favorite vehicles and duke it out using skills and items on the road. While in Party Mode, players can dispatch their cutest or funkiest ARMS to score some spectacular goals on the field or avoid obstacles in other fun minigames.

Taking Pleasure from Unlimited Creative Freedom

Sharing short videos of in-game creations or gaming highlights is another way to enjoy Astracraft. These unique and creative works may inspire other players when crafting their own works of art and recording their wonderful moments.

To ensure that more impressive ideas get noticed and shared, the “Hopper’s Partner Program” Influencer Recruit Plan will be in session as soon as the game officially comes online! With no boundaries other than their imagination, budding engineers are encouraged to use their talents and creativity to share their distinctive stories, worldviews, ARMS, and skills on the battlefield. The 30 most popular and 30 most hardworking creators will be selected each week to receive great in-game rewards!


Astracraft Event time: January 14th, 2021, to February 10th, 2021

How to Participate:

  • Step One: Upload Astracraft videos on YouTube or Facebook (2 minutes in length minimum);
  • Step Two: Add the tags #Astracraft and #HoppersPartnerProgram when uploading.
  • Step Three: Fill in the video link and required information on the application page, tap apply to complete the submission process.


  • Most Popular Engineers: 30 creators who have uploaded a video in the week which had the highest views (one video per content creator)
  • Most Hardworking Engineers: 30 creators who have uploaded the highest number of videos in the week (content creators with the same number of uploads will be ranked based on views)

Over 2 million players already pre-registered before the official launch. To celebrate this achievement and express gratitude for the overwhelming support, players in all servers will receive all of the pre-registration rewards! Log in now to claim your rewards and deck out your ARMS!

More information about Astracraft can be found on the game’s official website and Facebook.
Official Website:

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