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I can’t remember the first time I used or signed up for a Gravatar account but I know I’ve been using it partly for my web identity for several years now. For those who aren’t familiar with gravatars, it is an abbreviation for globally recognized avatars – unique avatars that people (mostly bloggers) use to show their identity on the web. Gravatars are those square images (usually a person’s photo) that show up along-side comments on most blogs.

A few days ago, Gravatar added something new to the service – full profiles.

You didn’t think the design update was the only change we made, did you? Every gravatar now supports the addition of full profile information against it, so that you can paint a much richer picture of who you are. You can upload a bunch of your favorite photos to your profile (they don’t have to be gravatars at all), and you can even verify your ownership of other online profiles and services. When you verify that you own something, people will be able to tell this is your account and not some imposter.

With this new feature you can create a gallery of your favorite photos, you can add several of your contact information (email, instant message & phone numbers), add links to your social networking profiles (Facebook, Twitter,, LinkedIn, etc.) and add links to your blog or other websites. Profile Edit page
Gravatar Profile

Every linked account is verified to make sure that no one uses somebody else’s account – prevent impostors. Future plans and features that could be added to profiles are aggregating user’s content on their profiles or the ability to update an avatar in several places when the Gravatar profile is updated.

Full profiles on Gravatar is still in beta so only users can view their own profiles on, which gives users the time to update and fix their profiles before it becomes public. If you don’t want any information on your profile except for your gravatars, then you don’t have to do anything just leave your profile blank. People will only see the gravatars just like it is right now. If you’re running a WordPress blog or any other blogging platform that uses gravatars, watch out for the update on how to make the most out of these new profiles.

If you want to make use of the Gravatar full profile, make sure you upload a high-resolution version of your Gravatar or use a high-res image to crop out your gravatar. If you don’t use a high-res photo, the main picture won’t look nice. The high-res version will be used as the main picture on your profile.

If you have a Gravatar account, you can check out the new feature, add your contact information and social networking profiles by going here.

[image source: Gravatar Blog]

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  1. @Hesham – I also haven’t logged in to my Gravatar account in a long time and if it weren’t for this development, I probably wouldn’t log-in if something doesn’t come up.

    Yeah, I saw DiTesco linked to this post on his Weekly Echo feature. You’re welcome! Glad I could share it with you. :)

  2. I am keeping telling to everyone of the guest bloggers on my blog to visit to get an avatar if they didn’t got one! and I didn’t visit it since long time back :)

    I think it’s the time to give a visit to as well ;)

    This is the first time I know about this update, I came from IBlogZone echo post!

    Thanks a lot for the information!

  3. @Mathdelane – That’s right, its kinda makes it like a vCard which is good because like I said earlier, Gravatar is widely used on blogs (especially WordPress) so if you leave a lot of comments, more people would see your profile and have access not only to your blog but to your other sites/blogs and social networking accounts.

  4. I guess I would have to re-visit their site and make some changes. After all, it has been awhile since I last logged-in.

    It’s good to know that integration of social networks are already in place and this makes it more like an online vCard. Thanks for sharing this, thou.

  5. @ProMovieBlogger – Since Gravatar is popular and widely used especially on WordPress blogs, its good to update your profile and provide more details. It’s another way to promote your sites and social networking profiles. :)

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