Victorinox Swiss Army Knife/Secure USB Drive

Victorinox Secure Pro

Victorinox, maker of the popular Swiss Army Knife, recently launched the Victorinox Secure Pro – a Swiss Army Knife slash super secure memory stick that features a fingerprint scanner, a thermal sensor and a self-destruct mechanism making it sound like a device that you’d see on a Mission Impossible movie.

The Victorinox Secure Pro also uses its own proprietory Schnuffi Platform Single Chip Technology along with the Advanced Encryption Standard 256, making it virtually hack-proof. The company was very confident with the product’s security that they even offered a $150,000 bounty to anyone who could hack or get past the Victorinox Secure Pro’s security measures. The prize money according to Victorinox, went unclaimed.

These security features aim at preventing other people from accessing the information stored on the device in case it gets lost or stolen. According to Victorinox, the Secure Pro is “the most secure device of its kind available to the public.” The fingerprint scanner uses a thermal sensor that detects whether the finger used is still attached to the body. If it detects that the finger is detached from the body, it will not give access to the data stored on the USB drive.

Another security feature is the self-destruct mechanism. Victorinox doesn’t provide the details on how it works but explained that if someone tries to forcibly open or access the USB drive, it will trigger the self-destruct mechanism that burns the Secure Pro’s CPU and memory chip.

The Victorinox Secure Pro comes in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models and is available in two other versions – Presentation Master and Flight-Safe. The Secure Pro features a USB drive, a blade, scissors, a nail file and a ballpoint pen. The Presentation Master, aside from all the features found on the Secure Pro has remote Bluetooth access and a laser pointer. Last but not least is the Flight-Safe version of either Secure Pro or Presentation Master, comes with all the features minus the blade so users can get through airport security and bring it along with them on flights.

The 8GB Secure Pro will cost $150, 16GB at $220 and 32GB for $363. The 8GB Presentation Master will sell for $250, 16GB at $326 and 32GB for $474. Flight-Safe versions for Secure Pro will cost $7 less and $12 off the Presentation Master.

So what do you think of this new USB drive Swiss Army Knife from Victorinox? If you can afford it, would you buy it? I would! I’m sure even MacGyver would love to have one of these. Hehe

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  1. Wow! I think I’ve just found the most secure device to store all of my p0rn! :D

    Kidding aside, I may want to keep my personal files secure, but I’m that paranoid to go this far.

    It’s best suited for those who work in critical industries like research and executives who want to protect their companies latest killer product.

    Or the COMELEC could use this to secure the upcoming automated polls this May/

  2. that’s a cute usb. i would like to own one. but what about in terms of durability? will use of the included tools affect the data storage?

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