Yesterday, Google announced several new updates to their Social Search feature. When it was introduced back in 2009, Social Search results were only displayed at the bottom of web search results, now these links will be specially marked and prominently displayed so you’ll know if a specific search result was shared by one of your friends from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr or YouTube.

Today we’re doing a little bit more to bring you all the goodness of Google, plus the opinions of the people you care about. As always, we want to help you find the most relevant answers among the billions of interconnected pages on the web. But relevance isn’t just about pages–it’s also about relationships. That’s why we introduced Google Social Search in 2009, and why we’ve made a number of improvements since then. Today we’re taking another step forward–enabling you to get even more information from the people that matter to you, whether they’re publishing on YouTube, Flickr or their own blog or website.

Here’s a demo video of Google Social Search’s new features:

Social Search Results:
Link Shared on Facebook
Google Social Search

Link shared on Twitter
Google Social Search

To use these Social Search features, users have to be logged in to their Google accounts and link to their social networking accounts. Another option included in the recent update is the ability to privately link their social networking accounts to their Google account. If you have multiple accounts, you can link all those accounts and choose which one you want to be public or private.

Google Social Search

These new Google Social Search features are currently available only to the English version of and will start rolling in the coming week.

What do you think of the new Google Social Search updates? Are links shared by friends more reliable? Please share your thoughts.

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  • Ajay, February 21, 2011 @ 2:05 AM Reply

    Google should have done this earlier… but its a very good thing to have done… Will it include results from our friend list on facebook or people all over the world? coz it makes sense only if it is from our friends list

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