4 Best Indoor Quadcopters to Chill With this Summer

Drones are just about everywhere – in the hands of researchers, under the surveillance of authorities’ intervention teams, and already in the homes of many tech enthusiasts. There are many ways to use a drone. Yet, this summer you may need to hide from the heat with each indoor possibility you meet. The best indoor quadcopters now earn some of the market’s hot spots and show plenty of potential during the following months.

As their name states, indoor quadcopters are smaller-sized drones you can use in spaces with walls and a ceiling. They can be the toy flying gadgets you can use for personal or professional purposes. Yet, these tiny devices are far from toys. The four-propeller drones help you sharpen UAV (unmanned air vehicles) skills and save some of your tech-dedicated budgets.

Orange Quadcopter

Who Can Use Indoor Quadcopters?

Indoor quadcopters are usually more financially convenient than drones as they averagely cost $25 – $120. Typically, the products have four propellers, a flight time of 6 – 12 minutes, and work on 2.4 GHz transmitters. Some products come with cameras, while others feature 3D flips. The best products have even more options which you can discover by reading this article. Research is essential before purchasing a product, as you acknowledge what the best indoor quadcopter for your needs should have.

Are there user restrictions regarding indoor quadcopters? No. Also, the gadgets are versatile enough to be used for:

  • Personal purposes: Home entertainment, working on piloting skills, photoshoots.
  • Professional purposes: Shooting videos, capturing images for real estate agencies or indoor architecture, rentals of indoor locations, research.

Why Use Indoor Quadcopters?

  • Indoor quadcopters can be used regardless of the weather condition that interferes with standard drones.
  • You don’t have restrictions towards using the quadcopter inside your own home.
  • The smaller size of quadcopters allows you to maneuver them and shoot or take photos from hard-to-reach angles.
  • You avoid worries such as the drone moving out of your sight or losing the signal.
  • Experts recommend a period of flying indoor quadcopters before operating a regular drone. This is the second stage of learning to fly UAV, after trying out computer simulators.

The Best Indoor Quadcopters for This Summer

According to a study, there’s an increased demand for UAV for indoor usage. However, choosing such a product may come difficult. Let’s see the best inline, as evaluated by both experts and end-users.

4. Hubsan X4 H107L
The Hubsan X4 H107L is so small that it fits into your palm. The quadcopter comes with a 2MP camera that captures 20p images. You can use it in Normal mode or Expert if you’re already experienced in drone flying.

After eight minutes of flight time, the battery needs 30 minutes to recharge fully. We’ve chosen this model because you can also use it outdoors – if there’s no wind at all. You see images on a small LCD screen on the transmitter with diagnostic flight information.

Furthermore, there’s no additional budget involved as the quadcopter comes with a set of extra propellers. The product is also convenient as it costs below $50.

3. Altair AA108
This quadcopter impresses through performance and stability. The products are still seeking fame. However, it comes with the advantages of a 2 MP camera, low voltage alarm, altitude hold, and flight route options you can set in detail.

The battery lasts for ten minutes of continuous flight and an extra set of batteries you might need to purchase in case of other products. The operating range is more extensive than average and above 100 meters due to the 2.4Ghz controller.

2. Air Hogs Helix X4
The second-best drone is lightweight and durable to ensure safe and quality flying. It uses three-blade propellers to increase its stability and fully recharges in 30 – 60 minutes. The battery lasts for six minutes of flight time.

The drone comes with an Advanced mode that consumes more of the battery but increases stability and lets you set the details of your flight. The gyroscopic stabilization feature works with four ducted fans that help you take the best photos. This quadcopter is also encased in a durable foam cover to increase its protection. Also, users mostly recommend it for stunts.

1. Holy Stone HS170
The best indoor quadcopter is the Holy Stone HS170, which was specially made to fit experts, average pilots, and drone amateurs altogether. The product uses a battery that allows eight minutes of flight time and can recharge in 60 – 80 minutes. This quadcopter comes with replacement blades and a headless security system.

Aside from the typical left-right control lever, the quadcopter also includes a throttle for an easier up and down flight switch. The buttons from the controller are easy to use and precise. Also, the gyro stabilization system ensures flexible flights. Meanwhile, the drone itself carries a price tag of under $50.

Drone Quadcopter

What Else You Should Know

You can enjoy drones or indoor quadcopters for so many purposes that you might turn into an expert pilot from an amateur. Here are a few extra tips to use it best.

  • Remove all furniture pieces that might be damaged, or you don’t need for the furniture before flying the drone.
  • The best indoor spaces to fly a UAV are those that lack big furniture.
  • Make sure there are no pets or children in the area where you fly the quadcopter.
  • Quadcopters still need to be registered with the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) to ensure authorities that you fly the gadget responsibly.
  • Obtain a UAV pilot certificate to certify your skills, especially if you plan to use the quadcopter for your business.

Using the Best Indoor Quadcopters

Flying a gadget inside may be limiting when you have the whole world to explore. However, this activity helps you lose concerns about area restrictions or interfering with some private property during the flight. Quadcopters also allow you to chill indoors during those long hot summer days.

The best indoor quadcopters work well for beginners and those who want to develop piloting skills. They might also be the flying devices you need to add an extra tech sparkle into your life. Try them and discover a new hobby this summer!

This is a guest contribution by Gavin, an electrician from Albuquerque with a passion for flying things. He is the Senior Editor for Today Best Drone, where you can find the best commercial and recreational drones on the market.

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