Blogger’s Kapihan 2.0: Blog Ed 101

blogger's kapihan 2.0

For those of you guys in the Philippines, if you have nothing to do today or if you have a free schedule I recommend that you go and attend Blogger’s Kapihan 2.0: Blog Ed 101.

This is the second event organized by the Blogger’s Kapihan crew and this time the topics that will be tackled are the importance of blogging in learning, learning in blogging and blogging as a tool for alternative education. This event will be held on October 13, 2007, 1:30 pm (Manila time) at the Ramon Magsaysay High School in Quezon City. Blog Ed 101 is in cooperation with the Alliance of Concerned Teachers (ACT), a nationwide network of educators from different schools, colleges and universities.

Blog Ed 101 resource speakers:

  • Sir Martin Perez, Social Studies teacher of the Philippine Science High School, will give introductory concepts and tips on blogging as a tool for instruction.
  • Prof. Danny Arao, assistant professor of the Department of Journalism at the University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication, will tackle how blogging can be instrumental for alternative education and how websites can be transformed into ‘virtual classrooms’.
  • Mr. Tonchi Tinio, chairperson of the Alliance of Concerned Teachers, will provide an overview on the advantages and disadvantages of the controversial CyberEducation Project of the Department of Education.
  • Lalon dela Rosa, who’s currently taking up his Certificate for Teaching Program at the Philippine Normal University Graduate School and is planning to teach high school English after, will be the student-reactor of the event.

Emcees for this event will be Pinoy bloggers Benj Espina and Victor Villanueva.

Btw, for those who would like to attend and need invites just leave a comment here. Unfortunately for me, I can’t attend this event since I’m not in the Philippines. Anyways, all the best to the resource speakers, emcees and organizers!

Blog Ed 101 is sponsored by: Club, Philippine Genre Stories, Pinoy Web Hosting Solutions,, New Beginning, Ladygadfly, The ANiTOKiD and your’s truly.

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  1. @benj – I’ve never been to a blogger event so I can’t relate but from what you’ve mentioned, the more I feel bad that I can’t attend these type of events.

    Good to know that it was a success and I’ll continue supporting events like these as long as I can. I think it needs more promotion and publicity so more people would be aware of it. Next time, let me know in advance so I can post about it and promote it here on my blog. :)

  2. It’s very different from all the blog events I’ve been to. This was a very hardcore informative and educational forum for issues regarding blogging and education as well as other social issues that are linked to it. It was very comprehensive and the open forum was great.

    There could’ve been more people though.:) I guess it’s understandable that such a ‘serious’ event wouldn’t be much of a draw. The fact that it was done a week before finals week doesn’t help either. hehe

    Hosting was fun. I had to try to match Ederic’s eloquence with the vernacular. LOL asa pa.

  3. @AnitoKid – Thanks but I couldn’t attend the event since I’m not in the Philippines. All I can do is help and support it. :)

    Btw, your comments always gets flagged as spam. I wonder why. :???:

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