Firefox Quantum

Firefox Quantum – Fast For Good

It’s been a long time since something interesting happened in the world of web browsers. That changed last week when Mozilla launched Firefox Quantum, their latest ultra-fast web browser. Compared to its competitors like Google

Get Me Out of Here

How to Identify Spoofing Emails and Websites

As cybercrime continuously increases, we should be able to detect and avoid potential penetration of hackers to our privacy and accounts. While it is not always possible to detect such attacks, unless you are confronted

card design

11 Web Design Trends that Are Conquering the World in 2017

You can look upon the development of web design as upon an evolution cycle. New forms and strategies are transformed incarnations of the old and well-known ones. It’s the development of web design technology that

Tips & Tricks Internet

7 Tips To Improve Wi-Fi With Science

You’ve probably had those days when your Wi-Fi at home or the office just doesn’t cut it. You’ll try just about anything, restarting your router, restarting your devices… You might even try all manner of

broadband internet

Canada Broadband Internet Services Are As Fast or Faster Than Advertised

It’s always good to know that you’re getting your money’s worth especially when you’ve worked hard to earn it. Canadians would be happy to know that the majority of broadband Internet services being offered and

firefox tracking protection

Firefox Launches Private Browsing with Tracking Protection

Popular web browser Mozilla Firefox recently launched a new feature called Private Browsing with Tracking Protection. Whether it’s for personal use or work purposes, many Internet users prefer not to have their browsing activities monitored

project loon

Google Project Loon Internet Balloons Coming to Indonesia in 2016

Have you heard of Google’s Project Loon? This project is a network of balloons traveling together in the atmosphere, beaming Internet service so people in rural and remote areas can get connected to the world

accelerated mobile pages project

Google Introduces Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

If you read my recent review of the Dotcom-Monitor Website Speed Test, then you would’ve remembered that I mentioned about Google’s passion for page speed. This passion or obsession with page speed continues with Google

dotcom-monitor website speed test

Dotcom-Monitor Website Speed Test

If you’re a blogger, SEO specialist, web designer, or someone whose job involves the Internet, then you know that Google is obsessed with speed not only with their products but also with the web. That’s

apple watch rickroll

Apple Rickrolls Apple Watch Users

Google is known for its annual April Fools pranks and hidden easter eggs. It’s already become a tradition, a part of their brand’s culture and people look forward to it. However, the same can’t be