How Long Does It Take To Rank in Google?

Google’s algorithms change constantly. What works today will be less effective tomorrow. Will your new site ever get featured on Google’s search lists?

It’s enough to give you nightmares.

But let’s forget about keywords, SEO and links. Yes, they’re important. But they usually require professional assistance.

I have good news so you can sleep better at night. There’s something you can improve yourself.

User experience.

Does your website provide answers fast? For over 70% of consumers, fast service equates to excellent service. So simply ensure all FAQs are answered on your site.

Is your website available for all mobile devices? Over 40% of your customers won’t ever leave as long as you provide quality web applications. This can be a quick setting change, and then test it on your own Smartphone.

These features will draw more traffic from your existing customers. And Google will notice. You just moved up in the rankings.

And you did it all by yourself. Read this infographic by The Website Group to find out more about it.

How Long to Rank in Google

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