11 Disruptive Apps That Changed The Way We Live [Infographic]

Creating An App – Is It Really That Hard? We’ve reached a point where developing an average app is no longer that challenging.

Solid app developers can be found left and right, hundreds of frameworks enable quick and streamlined development and promoting new applications can be achieved through a plethora of channels.

However, while developing them became a lot simpler than it once was, the same can’t be said about coming up with good ideas for new applications.

In fact, coming up with good app ideas is as hard as it ever was.

The sheer number of applications coming out on a regular basis makes standing out from the competitors an almost impossible task. On the Android platform alone, an average of 6140 apps was coming out per single day during the early portion of 2018, a figure that went nowhere but up in recent months.

With those kinds of numbers stacked against any aspiring app founder, the only way of standing out from the rest is coming up with an application that’s simply better than what the competitors are offering.

And this is simpler said than done.

Every Great App Starts Out With a Great Idea

At the end of the day, an app is only as good as the idea upon which it was developed.

You can take a questionable app concept and develop it in a way that the final product looks and sounds great, but chances are customers will gravitate towards similar yet inferiorly developed apps based on better initial ideas.

This makes coming up with ideas both the most crucial and the most difficult phase of an app developmental process.

Ideally, you want the idea to be both an expression of your own interests and a reflection of what you see is missing in the world. Sure, taking into account things like the limitations of your resources and broader analysis of the industry is important, but having the right vision driving you from the start will make the ultimate difference between poor/mediocre and great applications.

How to Come Up With Good App Ideas?

While there’s no denying that coming up with quality app concepts is challenging, you don’t need to be a professor of computer science to do it. All you need to do is figure out the right combination of what you’d be interested in developing, what users want, and what they need.

Since coming up with that perfect idea will probably not come out of thin air, here are a few tips to spark some creativity and get you thinking in the right direction:

Think of an app that solves a problem – The most popular apps are the ones that somehow make life easier. Identify what gives you and the people around you headaches on a regular basis, then think of a way how an app could alleviate the situation. If you figure out how to eliminate a common nuisance with an app, you’re definitely onto something.

Think of something boring and make it fun – Similar to identifying troublesome aspects of life that could do with some fixing, figuring out which activities bore you is also a great approach to coming up with app ideas. Find a way to make an activity you never look forward to be fun, and chances are you’ve struck gold.

Make an app that saves time – In a society that values efficiency, there is always room for applications that save the user’s time. Everyone is looking to condense daily responsibilities as much as possible, so enabling an app that frees up extra time is a sure way to a user’s heart.

When in doubt, go with gaming – People love mobile games and many are willing to pay a couple of bucks to be entertained for a few hours. Try to come up with something fun, colorful, and original. Also, do your best to give it a lasting appeal as you want people to continue playing the game for as long as possible.

Find a way to improve an existing app – There’s no harm in trying to improve the features of another team’s app as long as you are not outright copying someone else’s work. Research your competitors and try to find a way of making their applications simpler, more streamlined, more customer-friendly, or straight-down better.

Applications That Disrupted the Market to No End

Here’s the strange thing about great ideas of any kind – in most cases, they cannot be forced. Usually, amazing ones come when you expect them the least.

But, nonetheless, they do come from time to time. And when they are paired up with a few capable hands, wonders tend to happen.

The following infographic By appgeeks.org will introduce you to a total of 11 apps that entirely disrupted their respective industries.

And you know what? All of these started out as someone’s great idea.

The infographic will introduce you to some fascinating facts about such game-changing applications as Dropbox, Uber, Slack, Spotify, and Vevo. Ultimately, it demonstrates what happens when a team of dedicated coders is given an opportunity to work on a concept that showed the potential to make a difference right from the start.

Disruptive Apps

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