social data value

How Much is Social Data Worth? [Infographic]

Ever wonder how much social data (tweets, photos, videos, status updates, shares, check-ins, connections) is all worth? Backupify, a company that specializes in online backup services recently came up with an idea to quantify the

google street roo

Google April Fools Day Pranks 2012

Anyone got fooled by an April Fools Day prank or hoax yesterday? I was supposed to publish this yesterday during April Fools Day but wasn’t able to because of my busy schedule. I know its

fake itunes receipt

Beware of Fake iTunes Receipt Emails

If you own an iPhone, iPod or iPad then you’re used to regularly receiving iTunes receipt emails on your inbox. Last week, my wife was surprised when she received an iTunes receipt in her email

google valentines day 2012 doodle

Google Valentine’s Day Doodle 2012

Google is known for celebrating special events like holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Veterans Day), birthdays of famous people (Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla), and major events (World Cup, Olympics) with their specially designed homepage logos, better known


5 Ways Popups Can Drive Your Users Mad

This is a guest post by Ada Ivanova of WinkPress. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here. There are many annoyances on the Web and popups frequently top

google panda
Internet SEO

Google Panda Simplified [Infographic]

I’m sure most of you guys who are into blogging, SEO and Internet marketing already know about Google Panda. When it was released last year, it immediately became a very popular and controversial topic on


How Do You Like Gmail’s New Look?

Have you seen or tried the new Gmail interface? The new look was officially announced and launched last week so I’m sure some of you have already seen it, tried it or even already using

slide shutdown
Internet Social Media

Google Shutting Down Slide Social Apps

Last month I blogged about a social photo sharing app called Photovine. This app was released almost the same time as Google+ and was created by Slide a company acquired by Google last year. I

best websites 2011

50 Best Websites of 2011

I always look forward to Time Magazine‘s yearly special features where they list the best blogs, best inventions, best websites and other cool stuff. In the past, I’ve blogged about the 50 Best Inventions of

sucuri scan tool

FREE Online Website Malware & Blacklist Scanning Tool

If your blog or website is infected with malware and/or blacklisted, you will lose a lot of traffic (and probably earnings) because it will not show up on search results and regular visitors will not