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As we’ve seen in the WordPress Stats infographic, the software has not only become the most widely used CMS but is also the software of choice by the majority of the Top 100 blogs in the Internet. With that, it’s not a surprise to see the increased number of attacks and other security threats on WordPress and because of these constant threats and attacks, it is important for WordPress users to keep their blogs/websites secure.

One of the goals for iThemes’ Make Waves campaign for 2012 is to make every WordPress site safe and secure from malware and other security vulnerabilities. As part of that campaign, iThemes will be sponsoring a FREE webinar on April 25th featuring security expert Dre Armeda who is the CEO and co-founder of Sucuri Security. In this free webinar, Dre Armeda will be sharing tips on how to do basic garage cleaning on your WordPress site and how to reduce the risks of it being infected or compromised.

SIGNUP for the Lockdown WordPress: Security Tips from Sucuri FREE Webinar

If you can’t attend the webinar on WordPress security tips, don’t worry because there will be a follow-up post and recap of the webinar on the iThemes Blog.

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